Exciting Mocktails To Enjoy in Dry January on Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has announced an exciting way to participate in “Dry January” this year with a host of cocktails available in lounges and on flights throughout the month.

The world has always revolved around trends. With social media integration into people’s lives, it has become easier to stay on trend and share in the excitement of trends that transcend geographical boundaries. Like any other company, Alaska Airlines follows trends to demonstrate inclusivity with the rest of the world and its customers. 

Alaska airline logo
Alaska Airlines logo| © Alaska Airlines

What Is Dry January?

Dry January is a campaign to live healthier by abstaining from alcohol. This campaign is run by Alcohol Change UK, a non-governmental organisation founded in the 1980s. Participants in Dry January must abstain from alcohol for the entire month of January. People join trends for various reasons, including personal gain, entertainment, prizes, etc. Whatever the reasons, people participating in a trend have a goal they aim to achieve at the end, and for Dry January, the main goal is to lead a healthier life.

Alaska Airlines Offerings This January

To make things easier for its customers this January, the carrier has provided a variety of mocktails that passengers can enjoy in place of alcoholic beverages and drinks in the airline’s lounge or on flights to their destinations. The airline has stated that it will continue to make these unique mocktail recipes available beyond the Dry January period. Below is a list of some of the mocktail choices:

Available On Flights

The Teavana Mint Majesty is a non-caffeinated tea with a soothing mint flavour for cold morning flights.

Alaska Airlines Teavana Mint Majesty
Teavana Mint Majesty | © Alaska Airlines

The Sparkling Mocktail is a simple mocktail recipe anyone can make. Mix lime, lemon, or grapefruit flavours with tonic or sparkling water, and you get a unique mocktail with a tangy feel.

 sparkling mocktail
Sparkling Mocktail | © Alaska Airlines

Mix a can of Coke with some creamer over ice for the Smooth and Sweet Mocktail. As the name implies, Coke gives a sweet taste while the creamer simultaneously gives a smooth feel, which is genius.

Available in Lounges

The Resolution Solution is a refreshing and healthy drink comprising sparkling water, sugar, and pomegranate syrup.

resolution solution
Resolution Solution | © Alaska Airlines

The Cranberry Sangria blends citrus, ginger, and tropical flavours. The ingredients are slices of lemon, lime, oranges; ginger beer; and cranberry juice.

Cranberry Sangria mocktail
Cranberry Sangria mocktail | © Alaska Airlines

Finally, the Frostbite Mocktail consists of white grape juice, lime, pineapple, and some blueberries for garnishing.

Frostbite mocktail
Frostbite mocktail | © Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines has a wide variety of mocktails that would appeal to the taste of its passengers across 120 destinations and help them achieve a healthier lifestyle while flying this January and beyond.

Are you taking part in Dry January? Have you tried any of these mocktails? Let us know in the comments!

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