Alaska Airlines Launches Electronic Bag Tag

The 30th of November saw Alaska Airlines become the first airline in the United States to launch an electronic bag tag program, enabling guests to tag their luggage through the airline mobile app before they even reach the airport.

Alaska Air bag tag

© Alaska Airlines 

According to Charu Jain, Senior Vice President of Merchandising and Innovation at Alaska, the bag tags have been tested extensively.

“We’ve tested our electronic bag tags on countless flights across the country, including international routes where Alaska Airlines flies, and the devices have performed precisely as intended. Before the devices are available for purchase by all of our guests at the beginning of the following year, we will gather feedback from our initial group of users.”

The electronic bag tags for the 2,500 Alaska Mileage Plan members will begin arriving this week. Guests who have travelled within the previous 12 months, checked in at least one bag and were among the first to register to use the device are included in the first wave of elite status members.

Beginning in 2023, all passengers can purchase an electronic bag tag that will work on all Alaska Airlines-marketed flights operated by Horizon Air, SkyWest Airlines, and Alaska Airlines.


How does the electronic bag tag work?

Demonstration of bag tag

© Alaska Airlines 

The three-by-five-inch gadgets are refreshed with a visitor’s flight data through The Frozen North Carriers portable application during registration, allowing passengers to immediately proceed to the bag drop area upon arrival at the airport. The Dutch company BAG TAG, a pioneer in baggage technology solutions, provides the device’s software and hardware.

Jaspar Quak, managing director of BAG TAG, stated, “Alaska Airlines is an excellent example of a carrier on a mission to improve all aspects of their passenger’s experience. We are honoured to work with them on this project because this vision drives their innovation choices, such as electronic bag tags.”

Merchandising and Innovation

Alaska Airline merchandising and innovation

© Alaska Airlines 

According to Jain, “The last thing our guests want to do is stand in line. Almost all of our guests’ check-in procedures can now be completed from the convenience of their own homes, workplaces, or on the way to their flight with the addition of the electronic bag tag provided by Alaska Airlines.”

It is anticipated that the electronic bag tag used by Alaska Airlines will reduce the time passengers spend waiting in lines and using paper bag tags by approximately forty per cent. The devices don’t need batteries or charging, have a long lifespan, and were tested by Alaska Airlines employees by running them over with a truck.

The electronic bag tag that Alaska Airlines uses made the list of 2022’s Best of What’s New in Popular Science! Before selecting the top 100 winners in ten categories each year, PopSci reviews thousands of new projects and innovations. In the Aerospace category, Alaska received recognition. A technology or product must significantly advance in its field to win.

To learn more about it and sign up for notifications when the devices become available for purchase, visit this link.

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