Ugandan authorities have confirmed that a flight attendant has been injured after falling from a parked Emirates aircraft at Entebbe.

Emirates operates Boeing 777-300ERs to Entebbe from its base at Dubai.

The Ugandan civil aviation authority has disclosed that the incident occurred on 14 March, after the aircraft had arrived and parked.

It says a member of the cabin crew “appeared to have opened the emergency door” and that she “unfortunately fell off”.

She was taken to a medical facility, the authority says, adding: “Contrary to some social media posts, the lady is alive.”

An unverified image purporting to show the aftermath, carried by some Ugandan media, suggests the event centred on a left-hand exit aft of the wing.

There is no evidence of the presence of boarding stairs and no indication that aft exits were being used for boarding or disembarkation, and the civil aviation authority says it is investigating the circumstances of the incident.

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