Dublin Airport exterior
The Irish international airport is a hub for Ryanair, Aer Lingus and Emerald Airlines, to name a few. | © GETTY IMAGES

Dublin Airport has become the latest airport in the UK to suffer considerably with staff shortages as the summer season begins to surge. Major delays have meant that travellers over the Easter holidays have been held up. 

Operating with insufficient man-power

Dublin Airport has been struggling for the past two weeks, and attributed its recent and current delays to a “shortage of security screening staff.” 

Travellers in Dublin Airport have opted to share their negative experiences on social media. Videos on Twitter show queues extending outside and to the exit ramp. 

Dublin Airport has been tweeting consistently to keep travellers informed and at ease. From 4 April, tweets regarding the busy environment at the airport began. Yesterday’s tweets echo the severity of the delays: 

To tackle the shortage of security screening staff, Dublin Airport re-introduced security queue times on 4 April. On 10 April, the Irish airline opened extra security lanes and introduced their “TaskForce” to assist operations. 

Other attempts to improve the delays have been suggested. The Dublin Airport Authority (DAA), the organisation that manages the security team at the airport, offered to triple staff’s wages if they work overtime. Individuals who earn £10 an hour will earn £30 an hour if they decide to take up extra hours to mitigate the impact of staff shortage. 

Dublin Airport exterior
The Collinstown based airport acts as a hub for Are Lingus and is a focus city for major European airline Ryanair. | © Dublin Airport

The issues suffered by Dublin Airport are reminiscent of troubles across the UK’s airports, such as Manchester Airport

Elsewhere, The Court of Justice of the European Union ruled earlier this week that passengers of non-EU carriers are entitled to seek compensation for delayed flights

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