The drone was flying over 20 times higher than permitted narrowly missing a Boeing 737 on approach to Stansted Airport.

The incident is believed to have occurred at approximately 10,000ft at approach on 17th August.

Firstly The captain saw the drone, The first officer reported “a dark-coloured square or rectangle-shaped object pass down the right side of the aircraft with minimal separation”

UK airprox has rated the incident as the highest risk of collision.

After landing at approximately 16:36BST the plane was inspected for damage or any contact but none was found.

Drone Laws

They must not be flown in airspace or above 400ft (121m) without permission from air traffic control. It  is also against the law to fly within 1km of an airport or airfield boundary.

The operator of the drone as of yet hasn’t been traced.

Drone use is growing at a rapid rate in the UK and our skies are some of the busiest anywhere in the world.

Drone Safe suggests

  1. Always keep your drone in sight
  2. Stay Below 400ft to comply with the dronecode
  3. Ensure you follow the manufacturers instructions
  4. Keep the right distance from people and property
  5. Remember you are legally responsible for each flight.
  6. Stay well away from aircraft airports and airfields

Furthermore if you endanger the safety of an aircraft it is a criminal offence and the sentence is up to 5 years in prison.

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