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The A400M Atlas is an aircraft dedicated to multipurpose military transport. The project was already ready in the year 2000 with a factory exit in 2008 with certification in 2013.

Designed for strategic and tactical transport missions, the A400M is capable of carrying up to 37 tonnes of cargo over 4,500 km. It is a very maneuverable aircraft is equipped with advanced technology in the military field. (The same technology as the A380.)

His first flight was inaugurated on December 11, 2009. These 4 engines “EuroProp International TP400-D62” type “Turboprop” have a power of 8,665 kW each. It is used for the transport of troops, freight but also for humanitarian purposes.

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Countries like Germany, Turkey, Malaysia or Luxembourg have also been very interested in this device…

What we can remember from this aircraft is that it has a very large radius of action, a maneuverability out of norms, and a technology that can protect it during its operations.

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