A Tasman Cargo Airlines Boeing 757-200 freighter in DHL Colours, registration VH-TCA performing flight HJ-1 from Auckland (New Zealand) to Sydney (Australia). The aircraft was climbing out of Auckland’s runway 23L when the 2 crew members reported a hydraulic problem and stopped the climb at 5000 feet. They returned to Auckland for a safe landing on runway 23L about 40 minutes after departure.
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The runway at Auckland’s NZAA needed to be closed for about 50 minutes due to hydraulic fluid being spilt from the aircraft, which needed to be cleaned up.

It became known the Australian TSB had opened an investigation into the occurrence rated an incident. The ATSB reported while climbing out of Auckland the flight crew received a left hydraulic system warning. While working the related checklists, the right-hand system also failed. The aircraft returned to Auckland for a safe landing.


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