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Denver-Based Frontier Airlines Launches 11 New Routes

by Radhakrishnan Pattabiraman
Business travellers have drifted as far as the airline business is concerned. As a result, airlines need to find different ways to minimize costs while maximizes efficiency and profit. 
However, leisure destinations are attracting big business opportunities for airlines. Thus, Frontier chose to expand its route network.
 Furthermore, Miami and Las Vegas are focus cities for the travel industry. On the other hand, these new attractions invite stiff competition from Southwest Airlines, Allegiant Air and American Airlines.  

Frontier & Its New Destinations

Frontier is headquartered in Denver.  In addition, this airline is an all-Airbus airline with 100 Airbus A320 aircraft and has the largest number of A320neos in the United States. 
In addition, Frontier placed 160 Airbus aircraft as part of their expansion plans. Thus, due to the slump in travel demand, Frontier is regularly adding more routes and more cities to its route network. 
The 2021 destinations for Frontier Airlines looks very impressive:
  • Las Vegas – El Paso, Texas
  • Las Vegas – Wichita, Kansas
  • Las Vegas – Little Rock
  • Las Vegas – Oklahoma
  • Las Vegas and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
  • Las Vegas and Los Cabos, Mexico
  • Miami and Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Miami and Cancun, Mexico
  • Miami and San Salvador, El Salvador
  • Miami and Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Chicago and Cozumel, Mexico

Of course, Frontier’s new routes indicate its focus on Central American countries and destinations in southern Mexico.

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