Coyne Airways Joins AirBlox Online Trading Platform

Coyne Airways is a renowned cargo service airline with over 25 years of experience in the industry. Coyne Airways has come a long way from its inception in 1994, improving the quality of its services by implementing various innovative measures in its supply chain operations. Coyne Airways provides specific solutions for transporting fresh produce, live animals, pharmaceutical products, and oversized shipments.

The renowned cargo service airline is moving to further optimize its services by getting listed on AirBlox and leveraging AirBlox’s online trading platform.

Coyne Airways
Coyne Airways cargo services| © Coyne Airways

AirBlox is an online trading platform that connects buyers and sellers of cargo and freight forwarding services. AirBlox facilitates exchanges between traders on its platform using standardized electronic block space agreements (eBSA).

Benefits of joining AirBlox

In a growing digital and online lifestyle world, people are comfortable doing their daily activities via the online space. AirBlox has taken the ever-increasing need for individuals’ and businesses’ online interaction and turned it into a working system that allows airlines and freight forwarders to deliver and acquire top-tier services. Here are some of the benefits Coyne Airways will gain from joining AirBlox:

  • AirBlox will help Coyne Airways automate most of its services.
  • Increased operations efficiency.
  • A digital cargo tracking system accessible by all parties involved in a trade.
  • Coyne airways get access to ready-to-buy users on the AirBlox platform.
  • By announcing that it has joined AirBlox, it will positively impact Coyne Airways’ reputation.
Airblox connecting traders
Cargo being shipped through Airblox| © Airblox

Stressing their expectations from AirBlox, Larry Coyne, Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Coyne Airways, said in a statement to the media recently that:

“We, like AirBlox, are dedicated to providing consumers with the air capacity they require on the terms that best suit them – whether on a block space or per kilo basis. We look forward to providing access to our scheduled lanes and empty legs on the platform.”

No limitations

Cargo Aircraft
Cargo Aircraft | © Eu_Eugene, Pixabay

Coyne Airways has a reputation for being a reliable air cargo airline with an extensive interline network that allows the airline to deliver its services to some of the most challenging destinations to reach. By getting listed on AirBlox, Coyne Airways breaks existing business limitations with AirBlox’s predictive analytics and pricing forecasts on major cargo routes.

Coyne Airways expects its listing on the AirBlox trading platform to positively impact how it renders its services in Chicago, Illinois, United States of America (USA) and London, United Kingdom, respectively, in the future.

AirBlox has solidified its position in the air logistics industry with over 2000 lanes listed on its platform across the world. If continued by the fintech company, this growth rate will influence more cargo airlines to join its platform, widening its customer base and reach across various borders. AirBlox is gradually becoming a reliable cargo service platform in the industry.

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