Copa Airlines explains its 2023 comprehensive plans and contribution to Panama’s development.

Copa Airlines announced its 2023 comprehensive plans to expand. This year, the Hub of the Americas, the primary regional connection hub, is the focus of planned initiatives. These initiatives include expanding and improving its fleet of aircraft, expanding its network of destinations, and increasing flight frequencies.

Pedro Heilbron, Chief Executive Officer at Copa Airlines
© Travel Daily | Pedro Heilbron, Chief Executive Officer at Copa Airlines

Pedro Heilbron, Chief Executive Officer at Copa Airlines , said:

“Copa Airlines has been investing in Panama for more than 75 years, which has helped us become the leading airline in the region, turning the Hub of the Americas® into Latin America’s preferred connecting point by facilitating air connectivity and contributing to boosting the economic, social, and tourism sectors of both Panama and Latin America”.

The “Panama Stopover” 2023 Comprehensive Plans 

The “Panama Stopover” program, which encourages passengers in transit to spend a few days in Panama, will continue to be successfully implemented by Copa Airlines to promote tourism and economic growth in the country. Over 260,000 people have participated in the program since 2019, and more than 115,000 tourists are expected to take advantage of the Panama Stopover in 2023 comprehensive plan.

Panama Stopover voucher
© Copa Airlines

Through its “Irresistible Panama” campaign, Copa also continues to promote discounted airfare to Panama, resulting in a 27% rise in passengers on board the airline’s flights. Through its social media channels,, and other advertising spaces owned by the brand, such as Panorama, and Copa’s onboard magazine, it also contributed to the country’s promotion and publicity.

Pedro Heilbron added :

“To remain sustainable and thrive in the current complex and competitive environment, the airline seeks to boost its growth, generate jobs, and increase our direct contributions to the country’s economy and commercial exchange in the region.”


New Aircrafts 2023 Comprehensive Plans 

Copa Airlines has confirmed that they have placed a 2.1 billion-dollar order for 15 brand-new B737MAX aircraft as part of their plans for 2023. These airplanes are augmentations to the current 2015 request for which 64 airplanes still need to be conveyed inside the following 5 years.

The airline anticipates receiving six additional Boeing 737 MAX9 in 2023, bringing its current fleet to 99 aircraft, including 58 B737 800NB, nine B-737-7000NG, and 32 B737 MAX9.

Training Fleet

Additionally, Copa Airlines intends to acquire eight brand-new Diamond DA40/42 aircraft to upgrade the Latin American Aviation Academy (ALAS)’s training fleet. The aircraft will be outfitted with cutting-edge technology that will not only adhere to the highest safety standards but also make learning easier.

In addition, these airplanes are good for the environment because they use up to 50% less fuel than the ones that are being replaced. This means that the airline industry will have a greener and longer-lasting future.

2023 New Routes Comprehensive Plans 

For a total of 80 destinations in 33 countries around the Americas, Copa Airlines also revealed the start dates for its three new destinations, including Baltimore and Austin in the United States and Manta in Ecuador.

The airline’s greater international connection than other regional hubs gives Panama a competitive edge. The Hub of the Americas complements airlines’ flights to the Central American nation thanks to its exceptional connectivity, which plays a key role in the nation’s economy.

New Routes For 80 destinations in 33 countries around the Americas
© Copa Airlines | LinkedIn

Copa Airlines anticipates a 11% increase in passenger numbers by 2022 thanks to the addition of three new routes and an increase in flight frequencies to a variety of destinations. It anticipates operating 328 daily flights and transporting 16.1 million passengers by the end of 2023, exceeding pre-pandemic levels.

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