Condor adopts stripy “Bath towel” livery

German carrier Condor has just unveiled its new livery, and it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.


New look inspired by “vacation”

The new livery consists of bright, colourful stripes along the whole length of the aircraft, which according to the airline, evokes strong images of summer. Condor said in a press release:

“Condor is vacation. And vacation is stripes.”

The new paint job is a far cry from the designs we’re used to seeing on aircraft. With so many carriers opting for the traditional white euro white livery, it is refreshing to see an airline break the mould. Condor says the look is inspired by “parasols, bath towels and beach chairs”, all images that suggest ‘vacation’. We’ve seen aeroplanes as flying birds, flying turtles, and even a flying R2-D2, but never a flying bath towel.

condor five new colours livery stripes
The stripes will come in five different colours | © Condor

The planes will wear stripes in five colours: yellow, red, blue, green and beige. According to Condor, these stand for “the facets of diversity of Condor’s guests, employees and the multitude of opportunities to discover the world with Condor”. Crew uniforms will also adopt the new livery, with neckerchiefs, ties and pins donning the colourful stripes. Items such as cups, blankets and cutlery will receive a makeover, too, though the change will take place over many months. The airline is choosing to stagger the rebranding, introducing the new designs only when the old items are due to be replaced. With the planes, for example, 80% of the fleet will be repainted by 2024, as new paint jobs are due anyway.

A330 neo with the colour scheme
An Airbus A330neo with the new colour scheme | © Condor


The bold livery will reflect Condor’s independence

The man responsible for the new livery is Remo Masala, owner of the Berlin-based creative agency Vision Alphabet. The company has worked for brands such as Audi, Mini, and travel company Thomas Cook. Condor has come a long way in the last two years, from a subsidiary of a travel group to an independent airline. The bold new colour scheme is a way of marking their independence and uniqueness. Masala commented:

“Revising Condor’s brand identity with its long tradition is a delicate interplay based on respect for its origins and requirements for the future. Our goal was to endow Condor with a special visual independence, the rationale of which is united in Condor’s brand essence: the invention of the vacation flight, and the effective vacation code, the stripes of summer, joy and freedom.”

What are your thoughts on the new Condor livery? Let us know in the comments below!

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