Mask Wearing
Complying With The Mask Task Force Implementation | © New Indian Express

The lack of a consistent application and adherence to Covid-19 protocol at Chennai Airport has been noted by the Airports Authority of India (AAI). In turn, the AAI have opted to have their own employees enforce the needful measures within the auspices of the Airport Terminal.

Inadequate Social Distancing and Wearing of Masks have been the crux of the issue, and that too at a time where Chennai Airport is witnessing over 200 flights a day and in excess of 22,000 passengers throughout its Domestic and International Terminals. The volume of complaints by Chennai Airport customers over continual frustrations with serial offenders not following Covid-19 implementations had also prompted AAI to step up their presence.

Covid-19 Task Force
Covid-19 Compliance Officers Checking In | © Twitter

Countless Instances of Covid-19 Non Compliance

Furthermore, Airlines operating out of Chennai Airport are starting to imposed levies on passengers dropping down their guard whilst onboard the aircraft. A classic example of this, is the lazy depiction of the mask just covering the mouth and not the nose!

A senior AAI official said, “The initiative was started three days ago. Staff are deployed on rotation every day. They move in teams of three and remind passengers to wear masks if they find anyone without masks in domestic and international terminals. This is a step forward from creating awareness. Many measures are already in place for creating awareness for Covid-19 precautions. There are notices, boards, announcements. Volunteers too have been roped in earlier to spread awareness.”

Historically, Indian Passengers don’t travel lightly, and as such mass gatherings around the baggage conveyor belts only serves to heighten the risk of the Covid-19 R-Rate rocketing within the Airport! Not even the presence of United Nations Covid-19 Awareness Programmes has been sufficient enough to prevent people outside the Airport Terminal from failing to wear a mask. Let’s be clear – nobody but nobody enjoys or embraces wearing a mask – but wear one now and you reduce the chances of having to wear it in the future!

The immediate challenge is to now ensure Covid-19 Cases within Chennai Airport do not Fester over the Easter Weekend!


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