Boeing and Airbus to work together!

For the first time ever in Aviation history, the two largest manufacturing companies are going to be working together!

A while ago Boeing and Airbus decided that they would work together on a joint ventures, this has only recently been announced. With the failure of the Airbus A330-800NEO and Boeing’s 797 project not having enough interest, the two companies reached out to each other.

Perhaps it will include Airbus’s clean style flight deck along with a Boeing Yoke?

Rumors are that they are going to be working on a mid to long haul range narrow-body jet liner.

It is intended to replace Boeing’s 757 fleet over time aswell as filling the gap in the market for the A330 NEO variants.

Legally, we have been asked by Boeing and Airbus to release this statement today and there is expected to be a press conference in the very near future.


Furthermore, people are asking if the production of the aircraft will be in the States with Boeing or with Airbus in Europe. The anwser to this is not yet known, but since both factories are nearly at full capacity, we imagine that they may open a new factory somewhere.

Obviously, this joint deal is going to cost both companies alot, both in standards and money.

Obsessed Boeing fans are very upset, one told us that “Airbus can’t even make their A340 climb properly, how an earth are they going to make anything that comes close to the Boeing 757“.

Lastly, whatever your views on Boeing or Airbus, it has to be said that this is a very interesting and prosperous time for the world of aviation. Everyone including pilots, passengers, airlines and the world should pay close attention to this project as there are only very exiting times ahead!

Sadly, this is only an April fools joke! Did we fool you? Share this article to your friends and family, to see if they are fooled!



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