KRASNOYARSK, November 12.

The plane Boeing 737-800 operated by NordStar has made an emergency landing at Norilsk Airport, spokeswoman for the West-Siberian Transport Prosecutor’s Office Oksana Gorbunova told TASS on Monday.

“The emergency landing occurred at 06:15 (02:15 Moscow time). The Boeing 737-800 of the NordStar air company was en route from Domodedovo Moscow to Norilsk. When it was approaching to land, a flap extension sensor was activated. The landing was carried out well,” she said.

Gorbunova reported that there were 166 adult passengers, 20 children and six crew members onboard the plane.

The return flight, scheduled for 07:00 (03:00 Moscow time), was deferred for two hours, as the company decided to examine the landed aircraft. The passengers will go to Moscow by a reserve flight.

The Norilsk transport service is checking the implementation of the legislation on the safety of flights and monitoring the observance of the rights of the passengers from the delayed flight.
© for the picture : Russian Aviation
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