On November 3rd, an Avianca Airbus A320-200 has entered the runway at Cartagena without clearance as a 737 was on their take off role.

Registered N538AV, the A320 was performing flight AV-9761 from Cartagena to Medellin (Colombia). They were taxiing for departure from runway 01, which requires backtracking the runway for about 1730 meters/5670 feet. Tower instructed the aircraft to hold short of runway 01, which was correctly read back by the crew.

Earlier tower had cleared a Wingo Boeing 737-700, registration HP-1378CMP performing flight PS-7089 from Cartagena (Colombia) to Balboa (Panama), to enter and backtrack runway 01 followed by takeoff clearance from runway 01. The aircraft was thus accelerating for takeoff when the A320 crossed the hold short line. The Wingo crew spotted the A320 and called the A320 on the radio to stop. The Boeing 737 continued takeoff and became safely airborne. The crew subsequently advised they were going to file an according report.

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Path of the A320 (©GA Group/ Flightradar24


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