Autumn Wine Festivities

Autumn Wine Festivities

During September and October autumn wine festivities are happening all around Europe. Farmers are preparing for the wine harvest at this time of year. Spain, Italy France and Portugal are countries offering wine festivals and wine tours to enjoy. What better excuse to consume wine than to take a holiday that revolves around our favourite drink!

autumn wine festivities cheers

Wine Harvest

September is the meteorological start of Autumn. After the warmth and light of Summer, vineyards across Europe are ready for harvesting. Grapes are ripe and juicy and fresh for wine production. Locals and tourists alike are invited to celebrate annual Autumn wine festivities across Europe. Find out where you can travel to and celebrate the grape!

autumn wine festivities grapevine
Grapes ready for harvesting

Grape Treading

Some Autumn wine festivals have organised music and parades to enhance the wine tasting experience. To get really involved at some Autumn wine festivities you can even join the locals in grape treading in exchange for free wine.


Chianti is an Italian wine region in Tuscany. Celebrate Chianti vino at the autumn wine festivities in Montefioralle. This medieval village with it’s cobbled streets sits on a hill just above Greve in Chianti.

Chianti town
The town of Chianti
Montefioralle Divino

Montefioralle Divino is the official name of this wine festival. It takes place between 12 noon on Friday 20th September and 19.00hrs on Sunday 23rd September 2019. On the Saturday and Sunday the wine festivities begin at 11am and end at 19.00hrs. Just buy a tasting glass and you can try as many wines as you like.

chianti vineyard
A Chianti Vineyard
Getting to Montefioralle

Don’t try parking in Montefioralle village as spaces here are limited. Instead you can take a bus up from the main square in Greve. These transfer buses run between 14.00hrs and 19.00hrs each day during the wine festivities.

Where to Stay

There are several options for accommodation in Chianti.  Florence is only 30 kilometres away so is a good bet with a direct bus service from Florence to Greve. Siena is also an option as it is just an hours drive from Montefioralle.

autumn wine festivities siena near montefioralle
Montefioralle, just an hours drive north of Siena

Spanish Wine

Autumn wine festivities and celebrations happen all over Spain in September and October. Wine trips, tours and festivals are never too far away at this time of year if you are in Spain.

Son Mateo Rioja Wine Harvest Festival

This wine festival take place between Wednesday 18th and Sunday 22nd September 2019. Celebrate the rioja grapes on the streets of Logroño at the Son Mateo Rioja wine harvest festival.


Rioja is a province in Northern Spain; Logroño is it’s capital. Any wine concierge will tell you Rioja has flavours of chocolate, tar, leather tobacco and  deep plummy tastes. Discover for yourself at this festival to celebrate Rioja wine!

Bull Fight

Join in with the grape stamping, hear the live music, see the parades and the local sports event. A traditional bull-fight and a firework display wrap up these Autumn wine festivities.

autumn wine festivities Logrono
Logrono vineyard

Montmartre Grape festival (Fête des Vendanges)

Fancy a short break in Paris in October celebrating some of the best French wines? From Wednesday 9th-Sunday 13th October the Montmartre Grape Festival 2019 does just that. The French refer to this ‘Fête des Vendanges’.

Clos Montmartre Vineyard near Paris

This Autumn wine festival takes place at the Clos Montmartre vineyard. It’s open to the public on these 5 days a year somake the most of your opportunity to have a look round! Clos Montmartre vineyard has been going since the 1930’s and is the last working vineyard in the area. It is much smaller than the vineyards of Bordeaux and Burgundy in Southern France.

Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc

Nevertheless Paris is an easy destination from the UK and the rest of Europe if you fancy a city break. The grapes grown in Montmartre are mostly red and produce wines such as Pinot Noir. Sauvignon Blanc is also produced.

Montmartre, Paris
Montmartre Autumn Wine Festivities

Montmartre Autumn wine festivities happen on the Montmartre wine estate and on the streets of Montmartre. Around half a million people are expected to be there. As well as wine and food stalls there are colourful parades, concerts and a fashion show.

Wine Festival Parade

The wine festival parade includes floats showcasing local wine and champagne products and businesses. Saturday 12th October 2019 is the climax of the festivities with fireworks and a DJ in the evening. Sunday 13th October is a wind-down day with a concert.

How to get to Montmartre, Paris

It’s approximately a half an hour onward train journey from Paris Gare de Lyon to Montmartre.

Where to Stay in and near Montmartre

Choose hotels in Montmartre or Paris. is a great accommodation website.

The Douro Valley Portugal

In 1756, the Douro valley became the first demarcated wine region in the world. The valley vineyards cover more than 40,000 hectares. This wine-growing territory sits beside the middle portion of the 125 mile stretch of the Douro river. Douro wine region is a UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation). It was given this status in 2001.

vineyards on douro river
Vineyards on the banks of Douro river

Portuguese Douro Valley Grapes

The area of the Douro valley produces several varieties of red grapes. Included in these is the Touriga national red grape, considered to be Portugal’s finest. This grape makes table wines as well as port wines. Table wines from the Douro region are similar in structure and style to Bordeaux wine. Although admittedly, Portugal is famous mainly for port wine. See which wines created from Douro grapes

Luxury Wine-Train Experience

Celebrate Portugal wines from the Douro valley vineyards in a gourmet autumn wine-train trip. Think Orient Express meets MasterChef on this unique luxury wine-train experience. You will travel from Sâo Bento, Porto to the Douro valley. While you ride in comfort you will taste the best of Portugal’s wines and gastronomic delights.

douro autumn wine festivities
The rustic colours of the Douro vineyards in autumn
Fine Dining Experience

It would make a great present or treat this Autumn to someone who loves their wine and food. A return journey to and from Porto to the Douro Valley takes three and a half hours each way.

Vesuvio Wine Estate

When you arrive, you take a tour around the Vesuvio wine estate before travelling back. You won’t even notice the journey time with the fine dining experience, afternoon tea and live music to distract you.

The Presidential train

Travel on the prestigious Presidential Train to enjoy these Portuguese autumn wine festivities. The train was built in 1890 and restored to royal standards in 2010 and approved for ‘gastronomic’ trips. Queen Elizabeth 2nd, Pope Paul 6th, various presidents and heads of state have all been guests on board. .festivities1 - Travel Radar - Aviation News

On-board wine and food experience

A high status chef is selected to put together a four course meal and pick complimentary fine wines to accompany courses. You take afternoon tea in the tea room where you also enjoy coffee and liqueurs on the way back to Porto.
If you are interested in this Douro Valley wine trip, there are two websites you can book with.
The Portugal Travel Centre
The Luxury Holiday Company

Mallorca vineyards

This Balearic island is known as either ‘Mallorca’ or ‘Majorca’ depending on which part of Europe you come from. These days, almost 3000 hectares of Mallorcan countryside are covered in vineyards. Many more existed the early 1800’s.

Phylloxera Aphid Bug Crop Destruction

phylloxeria aphid bug - Travel Radar - Aviation News

Unfortunately, in the 19th century the phylloxera aphid bug got hold of the vine roots. Vineyards all across Spain and the Balearic islands were destroyed. Thanks to revived cultivation methods in the 1980’s Mallorca vineyards are once again thriving.

Binissalem Autumn Wine Festivities

Binissalem is the place to be if you want to celebrate Mallorca’s grapes this autumn. This small Moorish town in rural, central Mallorca is very easily accessible on the trainline from Palma. Festa des Vermar (grape harvest festival) takes place during the last two weeks in September. Binissalem square is the place to be for these Autumn wine festivities.

rural mallorca
Rural Mallorca in Autumn
Celebrate Everything Grape

These are no doubt this Mallorca wine celebration messiest of all the Autumn wine festivities mentioned here! You’ll experience or witness everything from grape treading and grape fights to live music and fireworks. See the full breakdown of the daily programme at the Binissalem Festa des Vermar.

Summery of Autumn Wine Festivities

So there you have it. Events from the best wine producing countries in Europe for you to enjoy this Autumn. From drinking fine wines on a luxury train to chucking grapes at strangers and rolling around in grape juice.
The UK is no different especially the warmer south-East region of Kent. Farmers here too have a wine harvest to prepare. So don’t forget to look for UK wines on supermarket shelves too. Have fun and Cheers!

cheers to life

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