Australia’s ‘Tigerair’ to Cease Operations

Another sad news of an airline ceasing operation by the impact of coronavirus – Australian budget airlines Tigerair is expecting to discontinue operations due to drastic reduction in demand in the country’s market. 

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According to its parent company, Virgin Australia, the main concern of eliminating its low-cost arm is due to insufficient demand to support two carriers simultaneously. All flights have been suspended since March, 2020. However, the air operator certificate would be reserved for potential for domestic market recovery after the outbreaks.

Tigerair Australia stated:

“Sadly, after 13 years of operations, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue the Tigerair Australia brand…Since our very first flight on 23 November 2007 from Melbourne to the Gold Coast, we’ve provided affordable air travel to more than 30 million customers across Australia.”

Tigerair runs a domestic network within Australia, providing connecting services between major cities such as Melbourne to Sydney, Canberra and Perth. It was grounded since March by the mother company, Virgin Australia.

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The company currently holds a fleet of 9 Airbus A320s and 6 Boeing 737-800s originally from Virgin Australia. The mother company mentioned the Airbus fleet is expected to be decommissioned as a part of the streamlining practices, however the company did not mention removing the 737s to the mainlines operation in Virgin Australia.

Separately, Virgin Australia mentioned a full review of possibilities of its regional unit, the company would consider available options including adjust in operating models to sustain demands for regional marketing and potential demand in charter flying”. The second largest operator in Australia owns a fleet of A330-200, 737s, and 777s providing regional and international services. The company was forced to enter voluntary administration after the huge redundancy of more than 3000 staff.

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