Around 400,000-holiday passengers were transported by Austrian Airlines

The Christmas season was a popular time for travellers to fly, whether passengers were travelling on vacation or to see family during the holidays. Austrian Airlines carried over 17,000 passengers throughout Christmas and New Year’s. In total Austrian Airlines carried close to 400,000 passengers, nearly returning to pre-crisis levels. In terms of romantic trips, Paris, London, and Barcelona were the three most sought-after destinations. About 29,000 people flew with Austrian Airlines during the holidays to pleasant places. Bangkok and the long-distance locations of Malé, Cancun, and Mauritius were particularly well-liked.

Austrian Airlines
© Austrian Airlines

Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve 17,000 Passengers 

Austria sometimes referred to this period as “the most tranquil time of the year.” This is a season of long-standing customs: Families engage in a range of well-known rituals in the weeks preceding Christmas, such as baking cookies, putting up Christmas decorations, and singing songs.

The Christmas tree is first lit at 7 p.m. on Christmas Eve, and everyone gathers to sing Christmas carols. The most well-known is still “Silent Night,” which was first performed on December 24, 1818, in the Austrian village of Oberndorf, by Josef Mohr and Franz Gruber.

Austrian Holiday periods

Austrian Airlines CCO Michael Trestl states this

“As Austria’s home carrier, we are very happy that we could take many Austrians home to their loved ones or to their vacation“

This was also the case at Christmas and at the turn of the year. On December 24th and 31st, Austrian flew more than 17,000 passenger to their destination on each day.

Malé saw six weekly flights throughout the Christmas period.

Long-distance locations with beaches made of white sand and crystal-clear waters were in high demand. Austrian Airlines has doubled the number of flights it offers to the Maldives Islands. During the holiday season, there were six rather than three domestic carrier flights from Vienna to Malé. Additionally, Austrian Airlines increased the number of flights to Cancun and Mauritius by one each. As a result, the airline began operating four weekly flights to Mauritius and three weekly flights to Cancun. For a more restful flight, Austrian Airlines provided neck pillows to Economy Premium and Economy Economy customers on several routes during the night.

Vienna to Male

Austrian Airlines Offered Flights 

Since the middle of December, Austrian Airlines has been offering flights to the Norwegian town of Troms to see the northern lights. The most recent of more than 80 destinations on the Austrian Airlines winter flight schedule is the gate to the Arctic.

West Antarctica
© NASA| flying over Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica

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