Antonov Assesses Damage to Hostomel Airport Base

The Antonov Company has assessed the damage inflicted by Russian armed forces at its base in Hostomel, northwest of Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. The survey of the site was only possible as a result of the Russian forces withdrawing from the region. Ukrainian forces subsequently liberated the facility earlier this week.

Facilities largely destroyed

Antonov is a Ukrainian aviation manufacturer and service provider, specialising in the build of large-capacity aircraft and those capable of using ‘unprepared’ runways.
Antonov International Airport, also known as Hostomel Airport, was owned and operated by the manufacturer and served as an international cargo airport and testing facility.
antonov assesses damage inflicted by russian forces at hostomel base near kyiv ukraine
Large portions of the airport facility now lie in ruin | © Antonov Company

A control tower and an administrative building were both discovered to have been raised.

Aircraft destroyed include An-26, An-74, An-12, An-22, An-28, A132D, and An-124-100-150. Storage hangars have also been left in ruins.

Aircraft “will be restored”

The world’s largest operating aircraft, the only existing An-225, was another victim. At the time of the destruction in early March, Antonov’s parent company issued a statement saying that “it will be restored” at the expense of Russian occupiers.

Whilst only one An-225 was ever completed, a second airframe remains in storage. The second unit was partially built during the late 1980s for the Soviet space program, however, was halted following the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine led to the airport becoming the site of an intense battle site as they attempted to surround Kyiv. Having been held since by Russian forces, their announcement that they were restricting operations around the capital led to the withdrawal of the invading troops over the past week.

Plans regarding the reconstruction of the facility are yet to be announced but Antonov will likely be keen to begin rebuilding as soon as possible.

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