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American Airlines has partnered with American multinational technology corporation Microsoft to use optimised and effective technology to create a better experience for customers and American Airlines staff by providing support for robust operations. 

The partnership catapults Microsoft into one of American Airlines’ largest technology partners.

Further details 

The partnership allows the Texas-based airline to use cloud computing service, Microsoft Azure, as its preferred platform for its airline applications and key workloads. This will significantly speed up America’s digital space. 

There are also plans to use several digital technologies such as data to meet customer demands by simplifying business processes for staff. As seen with Ryanair’s partnership with Amazon’s AWS, it’s clear that airlines view complex technologies and algorithms as the future when it comes to enhancing operations and the customer experience. The use of advanced analytics (amongst other things) truly is the future. 

Currently, American Airlines are already in use of Microsoft technology. AI, machine learning, and data analytics are being used to reduce aircraft taxi time, thereby saving gallons of jet fuel per year. 

Microsoft Azure provides real-time data analysis which includes routing and runway information to automatically assign the nearest available gate to incoming aircraft. Ryanair and AWS have already started doing something similar. 

American Airlines’ Chief Information Officer Maya Leibman provided more details regarding the partnership:

“Reliably operating thousands of flights around the world to take customers to hundreds of destinations is critical to American, which is why the airline has chosen Microsoft’s technology to support our applications. With the power of Microsoft Azure, American can innovate and accelerate its technology transformation, giving our team members augmented tools to provide our customers an enhanced travel experience.”

Microsoft echoed Leibman’s comments, citing how important it is to bring in these technological advancements as the airline industry continues to transform:

“As the airline industry continues to transform, building a digital technology foundation in the cloud will be essential for future resilience,” said Judson Althoff, EVP and Chief Commercial Officer at Microsoft. “Through our partnership, American Airlines is taking a forward-thinking, cloud-first approach to using data, AI, and our collaboration platforms to reimagine not only its own operations but the experiences of its employees and customers.”

In addition to their tech-based partnership, the two companies are building a connection elsewhere. Microsoft employees will be able to receive new, enhanced benefits when flying with American Airlines (or its alliance partners) for business travel. 

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