American Airlines Launches New Wine Delivery Service

American Airlines have launched a new delivery service, which offers their customers exquisite wine and a taste of luxurious travel during the pandemic.

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Relax at home with the luxury of American Airline’s wine | © Vinesse

Wine and Dine with American Airlines

American Airlines have teamed up with Vinesse Wines to form Flagship Cellars – a service very appropriate for the current time. Flagship Cellars brings the airline’s finest wine menu straight to customers who might be missing the onboard experience. The wines offered are usually only available for passengers flying business or first class. However, the wines are now hand-picked by their master sommelier and accessible to anyone.

American Airlines Wine Delivery Service
Bring the onboard wine menu home | © Vinesse

Flagship Cellars is currently only available in the United States of America. Thus, the service runs under American law. Alcohol can only be purchased by those over the legal drinking age of twenty-one and an adult signature is required upon delivery.

The Off-Board Connoisseur Experience

In a bid to provide customers with an incentive to stay onboard with the airline, American Airlines offer the wine as a first class delivery service. The wine will be shipped straight to the doors of those that order it. It’s a luxurious taste of being up in the air, while remaining at home. In addition to this, members of the American Airlines Advantage loyalty program receive two air miles per dollar on each order they place.

American Airlines
The delivery service is taking off! | © PilotGo

The airline are infamous for their wine selection, with over 2,000 bottles reviewed and tested, before making it onto the plane. As a result, American Airlines have won awards for their careful wine selecting process. In 2019, they came first in the Top International First-Class Wines on the Wing competition carried out by Global Traveler.

There are exclusive offers on their website with different options available. Customers can create their own customised collection of mixed wines or even pay for a subscription of three bottles a month. With each wine delivery,  comes tasting notes and food pairings suggested by American Airlines.

A New Way to Profit 

American Airlines are not the only company looking at new ways to profit during the crisis. Many other airlines have had to focus on cutting costs wherever possible. For instance, KLM and Qantas had to say goodbye to the Boeing 747-400 last year to try and counteract the financial crisis unfolding in the aviation industry. Similarly, Finnair also had to sell one of their Airbus A350 aircrafts last year to streamline their business model.

Flagship Cellars is an opportunity for people to still experience elements of travel, that they no longer have access to. These kinds of ventures allow airlines to keep relationships with loyal flyers and open their doors to new customers. What do you think of American Airlines’ new career path? Let us know below!

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