Today American Airlines has announced a new $75 fee for direct flights. The airline says some reservations shall be selected by American, and you’ll be phoned up and offered to change from a connecting itinerary to a direct flight, for a fee of $75.

Whilst many travellers may be happy to stump up such a fee for a more direct fligh, it is important to note that these changes are normally offered for free in times of operational need so charging passengers for this is another unnecessary cost to flying.

American Airlines doesn’t offer this to every reservation, only ones they specifically select, so if you get an offer, it is likely that the need for this is operationally beneficial to the carrier more than you. It is also important to note that for the time being, this only applies to main cabin reservations.

For some passengers, especially passengers wanting a direct flight and sees paying $75 a reasonable fee however given that airlines would normally have to transfer passengers on direct flights if they needed the seats or else pay $1000 in compensation vouchers, is it worth it paying $75 to do the airline a favour.

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