American Airlines A320 Approaches Wrong Airport

An American Airlines Airbus A320-200, registration N123UW performing flight AA-862 from Philadelphia, PA to Ft. Myers, FL (USA), was cleared for a visual approach to Ft. Myers’ runway 06, reported the airport in sight and was handed off to tower. The aircraft lined up with runway 05 of nearby Page Field, about 3nm from Ft. Myers Airport, and descended to about 800 feet MSL, about one minute after being handed off to tower the crew announced they were going around. ATC vectored them for the approach to runway 06, the aircraft performed a safe visual landing to Fort Myers’ runway 06 on the second approach about 6 minutes after the go around.

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FAA radar data confirm the aircraft was on short final to Page Field’s runway 05 descending through 800 feet MSL.

A pilot on Page Field’s frequency queried Page Field Tower whether they had seen the Airbus, tower replied they had seen the American A320 on short final to runway 05 indeed.

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