Akasa Air will soon start to allow pets on board their aircraft. With its fleet size set to reach 18 aircraft by March 2023 and a total of 72 aircraft within the next four years, the recently launched Akasa Airlines is leaving no stone unturned in its bid to meet customer satisfaction policy.

The bookings for domesticated dogs and cats to start flying on the airline will begin on the 15th of November, while the first flights with pet animals are scheduled for the first day of November.

The airline recently announced operation ramping, potentially crossing 250 flights by the 10th of October, covering nine routes in the process.

Just two months into its operation, Akasa Air is opening its doors to pets, and this should at least put some smiles on pets owners in the country who must travel with their pets.

Many Airports have operated successful animal therapy programs. Recently, Denver International Airport won the Guinness World Book of Records for its successful animal therapy program. However, furry companions are only seen in airports and not on airplanes.

Except for Air India and SpiceExpress, the only airlines in India that transport animals, Akasa Air jumping into the fray could lead to other airlines adopting flying animals.

Akasa Air to allow pets on board
Akasa Air to allow pets on board © Evening Standard

Akasa Air: a pet-friendly airline

The airline, which was launched on the 7th of August, just clocked 60 days in operation and should be satisfied with the progress it has made in the aviation industry within such a short time. With a roadmap that will see its fleet reach 72 aircraft within four years, the recent decision to start a pets-onboard service will open new doors in the industry for the airline.

According to Akasa Air Co-Founder and Chief Marketing and Experience Officer Belson Coutinho, passengers flying Akasa air will be able to travel with pets in the cabin soon.

He further stressed that depending on the animal’s size; the carrier will allow domesticated dogs and cats to either travel in the cabin or the cargo hold.

According to him, animals that weigh 7kg to 32 kg will be checked in at the airport, while animals that weigh up to 100kg will be checked in at the cargo terminal. This is because the passenger terminal does not have the infrastructure to handle such animals.

To offer a smooth flight to pets and their owners, the airline is partnering with an NGO (Umeed for Animals Foundation) for expert advice on best practices for accommodating pets on planes.

Traveling with pets on Akasa Air is restricted to passengers who want to travel with their pets in India.

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