Air India’s Longest Flight to be operated by an All-Women Flight Crew!

Air-India (AI) the national carrier of India, prides itself with numerous firsts.  This time it is its flight from Bengaluru to San Francisco, and what’s more, it is set to be operated by an all-women flight crew: Marking a major milestone in the diversification message for the piloting profession across the world.

The Non-Stop Flight of Air India will have All-Women Pilot.

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Air India has the highest women flight pilots

This will be Air-India’s longest Non-Stop flight.  The previous longest route was the New Delhi (DEL) – San Francisco (SFO).  While the DEL-SFO distance was about 13,000k,  the BLR-SFO route will be 1000 km more at 14,000 kms.

The DEL-SFO route used the Pacific route for its operation.  But the BLR-SFO uses the Polar route for its fights.  Normally, air crafts take tail winds for their flight routes.  The inaugural flight between SFO-DEL took the Atlantic route via north pole Pole.  Highly experienced women pilots will operate this sector.  Head of Safety and senior commander of AI will assist them.

The Boeing 777-200LR

AI B777 200LR 1 - Travel Radar - Aviation News
B777-200LR will fly between BLR-SFO

The Boeing 777-200LR is a twin-aisle wide-body Aircraft with a range to fly 8,555 nmi, (15,843km) without refuelling.  There are 2 models currently available from Boeing . The other version is the B777-300ER, and is capable of flying 7,370 mmi (13,649 km).  The difference being in terms of passenger capacities.  While the B777-200LR can carry 317 passengers, the B777-300ER can carry 396 passengers.  Coincidentally both models offer a 2-class configuration.

The Air-India Schedule

Air India’s flight No. AI-175 will leave BLR at 14.30 hrs. (local time) and arrive at SFO at 17.00hrs. (local time).  In the return direction, the flight No.AI-176 leaves SFO at 20.30 hrs to reach BLR at 3.45hrs. the next day.   This will be a twice-weekly flight between the two cities.

Over-all Flying Experience

When it comes to flying between India and the United States, the first concern is always about the time it takes due the distance one has to travel – a whopping 13,500km!  Both countries are almost 180 degree opposite to each other and both have diverse time-zones.  It is in this context the passenger expects shorter time of travel and convenience hours of departure from India & arrival in the US.  It is hoped with this itinerary, Air-India brings all of these demands neatly packed in one single bundle.

Travel Radar watches in excitement at this first for Air-India; What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below!

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