Vietnam Airlines Alters Flightpaths due to Chinese Military Drills in Taiwan

Flight carriers have been strictly informed by Vietnamese authorities to avoid the airspace over the Taiwan Strait due to military drills being conducted in China. The Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam announced that the Vietnam Air Traffic Management Corporation had given them a ‘Notice to Air Missions’ (NOTAM) obtained from China. The NOTAM clearly warns pilots that there will be “six temporary danger zones” near Taiwan in operation for all flights that pilots are forbidden from flying.

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Chinese People’s Liberation has started military exercises as shown on TV Screen © Touch of India

Flight Disruption Mayhem

Carriers across Vietnam have been heavily affected by this ordeal as ‘over 100 international flights’ have faced disruption due to China’s military drills.

Vietnam’s flag carrier, Vietnam Airlines from today has begun to amend its flight routes to ensure that they avoid the airspace near Taiwan Strait. The change in flight routes will heavily affect the airline’s normally seamless flight journeys. According to the Times Of India last Thursday, the company released an official statement, making it clear to passengers that flights will face slight disruptions.

“Since August 4, in order to ensure operation and flight safety, Vietnam Airlines will adjust flight routes between Vietnam and north-east Asia, including Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, between Vietnam and the US to avoid flying over some areas near the island of Taiwan.”

The company has acknowledged that this change will lead to prolonged waiting times for passengers, therefore, they have apologised in advance to their customers and encouraged them to forward plan before traveling.

It has been made clear by the airline that this change will remain for as long as China’s military drills are in operation.

Other airlines such as Vietjet, Bamboo Airways, EVA Airways, and China Airlines have also been affected by this and it is expected that more airlines, similarly, will follow in Vietnam Airlines’ footsteps shortly. It is without a doubt that China’s military drills will cause slight havoc for many airlines whilst in operation.

Do you think that Vietnam Airlines amending their flight routes is the best choice to make for passengers? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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