Singapore Airlines’ Financial Performance Results In Profit in Third Quarter

Singapore Airlines’ financial performance has moved from strength to strength as it now posts profits for the third quarter in a row. Many airlines have had difficulties during the pandemic when flights were restricted due to measures that countries put in place to reduce the spread of Covid. In Asia, restrictions in countries such as China have continued for a long time as the country struggles to grapple with the Covid pandemic.

Regarding Singapore Airlines, however, the company quickly took advantage of the surge in flight demand when pandemic restrictions were lifted, helping the carrier’s financial performance to recover more rapidly. Meanwhile, other airlines struggled to cope with the surge in demand due to staff shortages caused by layoffs when demand was less during the pandemic. In particular, Europe and North America were heavily affected by staff shortages, so airports had to limit the number of passengers and therefore flights to reduce overcrowding.

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Singapore Airlines quickly took advantage of the surge in flight demand after restrictions were lifted. | © Andrea Ongaro / Travel Radar

Singapore Airlines’ Financial Performance

Regarding Singapore Airlines’ financial performance, the most recent figures show that the company had a net income of 628 million Singapore dollars in the three months up to December 21st 2022. This is a 12.7% improvement on the second quarter’s net income of 557 million Singapore dollars. This shows that its financial performance has improved for the third quarter in a row. It also appears that passenger numbers are also continuing to improve, with figures now approaching pre-pandemic levels.

Regarding revenue (total money received from customers), Singapore Airlines’ financial performance resulted in a 4.846 billion Singapore dollars figure. This is an improvement of 8% on the previous quarter’s revenue of 4.488 billion Singapore dollars. This shows that Singapore Airlines is increasing its business and improving in terms of its receipts from customers. Singapore Airlines’ revenues have increased by 8% whilst net income has improved by 12.7%, indicating that the airline is also improving at cost control.

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Singapore Airlines’ financial performance is improved for three quarters in a row. | © Andrea Ongaro / Travel Radar

Singapore Airlines’ Response

Singapore Airlines has commented that its improvement in profitability in the third quarter was partly a result of improved operational performance. It was also the result of higher interest receipts from savings and investments versus loan charges for the previous quarter, meaning loan expenses and interest receipts collected may have also improved their financial performance. We must wait and see how this progresses in future quarters, as the third quarter’s loan charges will undoubtedly be on the fourth quarter’s accounts.

In terms of future developments, Singapore Airlines is also expanding its fleet. With an average age of six years and six months, the company claims to operate one of the airline industry’s youngest and most efficient fleets. THe carrier may also further improve its financial position by broadening its network.

With the relaxation of Covid restrictions, the company has reinstated its flights to locations in China and Indonesia. It has also increased the frequency of flights to Hong Kong, Taipei (capital of Taiwan), Seoul (capital of South Korea) and locations in Japan. In terms of future development Singapore Airlines and Tata are working on a deal that will give Singapore Airlines a 25.1% share in the group that owns Air India.

Singapore Airlines has ambitious plans for the future. In terms of financial performance, the airline has improved for the third consecutive quarter in a row. As the airline expands its fleet and network, we have to wait to see how this progresses over the next quarter and coming year.

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