Hong Kong Offers Free Tickets to Tourists

The Hong Kong Tourism Board has announced that it will give away 500,000 plane tickets for free to attract tourists to the country after Covid. The free tickets to Hong Kong will cost the government HK2bn (£224.3m).

Just a few weeks ago, Hong Kong ended its mandatory requirement to quarantine after entering the country after three years. This marks a turning in the country to reopen its borders to the rest of the world after suffering heavily during Covid.

Dane Cheng, executive director of the Hong Kong tourism board said to the BBC: “The airport authority will finalise the arrangement with airline companies. Once the government announces it will remove all Covid-19 restrictions for inbound travellers, we’ll roll out the advertising campaigns for the free air tickets.” It is understood the free tickets will be distributed next year.

Hong Kong Airlines
Hong Kong Airlines has suffered during Covid © Wikimedia Commons

The city’s major airline has suffered in recent years due to Covid and recently due to the war in Ukraine after the closure of Russian airspace.

The Hong Kong government hopes that the free tickets will help boost tourism to the country. The East Asian city previously had huge numbers of tourists come to the country: in 2018 they recorded 65 million visitors and 55 million in 2019. However, these numbers have gone down significantly in recent years with only 3 million visiting the country in 2020. In the first eight months of this year, the country has only recorded 184,000 visitors.

Are you thinking of visiting Hong Kong due to the free ticket scheme? Let us know in the comments below!

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Gabriella Van Jennians
Gabriella Van Jennians
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  1. I am looking forward to visit HKG as my long lost friend is still alive, we are aldy in our late 60’s, it’s going to be the last or never! I am looking forward to this ” lottery”! Hope i will be the luckiest one!

  2. Hello and Very Good Morning Hong Kong. An EXCELLENT step by The Hong Kong Government. Certainly will boost morale towards Tourism and all concerned enterpreneurs. For my family a GOLDEN opportunity, A LIFETIME DREAM.

  3. Hi, I lived in HK many years ago and would love to take my family to see where I went to school and where I lived. I would be very interested in the free ticket’s but not sure how to get hold of them.

  4. My 4 years old daughter wanted to visit Disney Land and I so wanted to come to Hongkong to show her and make her dream come true. This free ticket will definitely give me an opportunity to buy her gifts without any restrictions on my pocket where I won’t have to say No 🙂

  5. I’m Chinese born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA and I’d be thrilled to visit Hong Kong! First thing I’d do is go for yum cha and get me some yummy dim sum!

  6. Free tickets to prospective travellers will, definitely, boost Hong Kong’s tourism numbers. The post-covid travel and tourism industry will only be enhanced through such promotions.
    Will surely take it when such an offer is available.

  7. We are planning too visit Hongkong along with my family this coming December 23-27. We already booked our Hotel in Ramada Hong Kong Harbour. Looking forward for a free round trip ticket for 4 Adults and 4 Children. Thanks


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