Hahn Air Plants a Total 150,000 Mangrove Trees

This year has seen airlines take impressive steps towards a more sustainable future in air travel. The most recent commitment to the environment comes from German airline Hahn Air who announced their partnership with restorative company veritree to plant 150,000 mangrove trees in order to combat climate change.

Hahn Air aircraft on runway. Five orange lights are visible in the dark
The new partnership between Hahn Air and veritree has seen 150,000 mangrove trees planted in East Africa | © JetPix

Greener skies as Hahn Air plants mangrove trees in East Africa

The aviation sector contributes to roughly 2.4% of global CO2 emissions and could potentially add 0.1℃ to the Earth’s temperature by 2050, according to research released earlier this year. Flying less per individual is a possible solution for some, but the growing population means that more people take to the skies than ever before, which has made many airlines rethink their approach to air travel.

In a recent statement, Hahn Air acknowledges its own carbon footprint before announcing the 150,000 mangrove trees planted alongside veritree in response to the growing issue of climate change and its effects on communities around the world. The trees have been planted in Kenya and Madagascar, where a total of 32 acres of land will be transformed into a new ecosystem.

CEO of Hahn Air Kirsten Rehmann stands off-centre, smiling slightly at the camera.
CEO of Hahn Air Kirsten Rehmann calls their newest project “the first of a number of nature-positive initiatives” | © Hahn Air

Hahn Air partners with Global Restorative Project veritree

Kirsten Rehmann (CEO of Hahn Air) spoke on the reliability of veritree, which aims to have helped plant one billion verified trees by 2030 alongside other businesses:

“It is important to us to work with a trustworthy partner who closely oversees and monitors the progress of our planting initiative. With veritree, we can be sure about every single tree being planted and nurtured to reach its full carbon absorbing capacity. We can also trust that our contribution is not only benefitting the environment but also the local community.”

veritree delivers services such as offering professional insight to businesses that wish to commit to sustainability projects, and so will be working alongside Hahn Air to keep them accountable for the trees they’ve planted and offer real-time statistics and data regarding the project’s progress.

As a global restorative project, veritree emphasises its commitment to not only the environment but the local communities they work within, too. The recent planting of mangrove trees in Kenya and Madagascar are to benefit the coastal neighbourhoods as it brings a new form of agriculture as well as the opportunity for employment.

Hahn Air is a German scheduled and executive charter airline that has been in operation since 1999. You view all their sustainability efforts here.

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