Voyager International Airlines has promised Ghanaians the best experience whilst flying with the introduction of their new charter flight directly from Accra to London. As of August 14th, passengers will be provided with much easier access to both of these cities with the use of this regular service. Unlike other airlines, Voyager International Airlines will only be offering a charted service, allowing passengers to avoid usual hassles such as long waiting hours when flying.


CEO of Voyager International Airlines announces launch of regular charter flight

Thomas Coleman, CEO, Voyager International Airlines
Thomas Coleman announces the launch of Voyager International Airlines © Ghana Web


At the airline’s launch in Ghana, CEO Thomas Coleman emphasised the benefits that this innovation will bring to flyers. According to Coleman, the introduction of a charter flight will ensure that users can travel directly to their destinations whilst experiencing guaranteed comfortability and flexibility.

He stated that:

A charter has flexibilities and has the ability to adapt to changes to the schedules approved. We offer a unique cuisine on our flight and that includes Jollof and banku”


The new service will deliver a boost to Ghana’s tourism industry


Ghana’s tourism industry has grown immensely over the years and is now a “key economic driver” for the country, boosting important sectors such as employment. Kwadwo Odame Antwi, the CEO of Ghana Tourism Development, has revealed that the launch of Voyager International airline will heavily benefit Ghana’s tourism industry. He stressed that with Ghana currently having a target of reaching a total of two million tourists yearly, the creation of a new, stress-free airline may encourage more visitors to make the trip.

 The CEO also mentioned that:

As people travel, they want to travel in style and comfort. As you are coming to Ghana, travel through Voyager International Airlines,”


As one can tell, the launch of Voyager International Airlines in Ghana seems like it will have a powerful impact on the country. Not only will it help economically, but it will also make a difference to the passenger experience which is not always the most pleasant. It is certain that August 14th will be an exciting day for Ghana.

What do you think about Voyager International Airlines’ new venture? Do you think that it will have as huge of an impact on Ghana’s tourism industry as expressed?


  1. Can anyone find the website of Voyager International Airlines? I can’t! If they’re launching on 14th August, you would think they would have an online presence by now?


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