Flight ban likely to be blocked at Dublin Airport,120,585 passengers passed through

After Fingal County Council decided to limit night flights at Dublin Airport due to noise complaints following the opening of the new north runway, Dublin Airport, Ireland’s premier international airport, was granted six weeks to comply with its planning permission about overnight flights. Under this circumstance, flights between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM would experience a 40% reduction.

Ryanair landing in Dublin
Ryanair landing in Dublin © Ameya Khandwkar

Flight ban at Dublin Airport

Many airlines, including Ryanair, express disagreement with the decision, asserting that the restriction would result in fewer nighttime flights compared to the pre-construction period of the new runway. Airport authorities contend that such a ban would impede airport operations, restrict connectivity, and hinder economic growth. They argue that night flights are crucial for transporting time-sensitive goods, responding to medical emergencies, and facilitating essential business travel.

However, the Business Post reports that there is “reasonable confidence” that the plan to restrict nighttime flights will be successfully blocked. Senior Cabinet ministers are concerned about the potential economic impact, leading to an anticipated High Court action this week. Over the weekend, the operator’s legal team sought a stay on Fingal County Council’s enforcement order.

Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland
Dublin Airport, Dublin, Ireland © Nick Nice

120,585 passengers passed through Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is a significant tourism gateway that draws in millions of visitors annually and facilitates business travel for foreign investors. According to the daa, the operator of Dublin and Cork airports, more than 100,000 passengers travelled every day in July.

In July alone, it is estimated that over 3.4 million passengers travelled through the airport, marking a 13% increase compared to the same month in 2022 and aligning with the figures from July 2019. Additionally, a total of 205,000 passengers either transferred or transited at Dublin Airport during July. Cork Airport experienced a similar upswing, with a 13% rise in passenger traffic compared to July 2020.

The CEO of daa, Kenny Jacobs, said:

“The busiest days in July normally come in the middle part of the month, but this year passenger numbers continued to rise as the month went on at both Dublin and Cork airports”.

Dublin Airport showcased its unwavering dedication to excellence in air travel as it welcomed over 120,000 passengers in a single day. This remarkable achievement demonstrates the airport’s capacity to handle a significant volume of passengers and highlights its commitment to providing exceptional service.

Maintaining its focus on delivering excellent service, Dublin Airport continues to embrace innovation and explore growth opportunities. Breaking records and pushing boundaries, the airport upholds its commitment to ensuring passengers a seamless and enjoyable experience while striving for continued improvement in the aviation industry.

Do you think Dublin Airport should ban night flights? Are you expecting it to be blocked? What do you think about this

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