Circulating video footage on Twitter shows two men caught in a fight over lost luggage at Manchester Airport on Sunday. The incident happened at a quarter past midnight on Sunday, September 18, in Terminal Two after the delayed 10.20 pm KLM flight from Amsterdam landed in Manchester at 11.45 pm.

Passengers that were already frustrated by the delay began to viciously attack one another after they were told their luggage was still in Amsterdam by a member of staff.

The staff member said there had been a ground staff strike at Amsterdam Airport, but passengers had thought all was well until they landed in Manchester and were waiting tirelessly in the night by the carousel to pick up their luggage and go home.

Lost luggage, Manchester Airport 'welcome' sign
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The dramatic video shows fellow passengers desperately trying to restrain those involved – as shouts of ‘stop it!’ and ‘enough!’ can be heard.

The brawl shows the two men repeatedly trying to strike one another as they run through the terminal.

The passengers were handed a piece of paper telling them that ‘unforeseen operational challenges’ meant that their luggage could not be offloaded in a ‘timely manner’.

Each passenger was given a QR code to report their lost baggage, and was told it would be delivered to their addresses – but it did not specify any dates or timings for the return.

The passenger who took the video – and asked to remain anonymous – told Mail Online:

‘It was a nightmare. Everyone was exhausted and getting angry. It was dramatic and people were getting scared. It isn’t nice to see people fighting and we were just waiting for our suitcases. All hell broke loose. There were people fighting and so people started running. It was crazy. We all had to deal with it as there was zero security or staff around to help.’

With the staff shortages recently and over the summer, waiting for luggage to be offloaded off the plane has become tiresome as some people may have to reconnect to other flights and can be quite stressful.

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