Etihad Airways CEO Announces Company Intends To Grow Despite A Brief Decline

Abu-Dhabi (UAE) based Etihad Airways plans to expand in the coming year after a short downfall. Etihad Airways CEO Antonoaldo Neves has announced plans to expand the fleet and triple the passenger flow by 2030.

CEO (chief executive officer) of Etihad airways Antonoaldo Neves.
Antonoaldo Neves describes a new expansion strategy for the airline. © Etihad Aviation Group.

Key Priorities of Etihad Airways CEO

Etihad mainly focuses on fleet planning and increasing passenger traffic to 30 million annually, triple its current amount.

Etihad operates to 120 destinations around the globe and has cargo operations to over 70 destinations. The airline flies to one of the top ultra-long-haul routes, Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles, which takes around 16 hours of flight time with a distance of 13,473km using Boeing B777-300ER variants.

Etihad airways Boeing B787 fleet, Plans to expand to expand the fleet and route.
Etihad Airways plans to expand its B787s. © Skytrax

As part of its expansion, the airline will focus on medium and long-haul flights by avoiding ultra-long-haul routes. The airline is struggling to make a profit due to the challenges posed by its ultra-long-haul flights. Neves explained the goal would be to connect Asia, India, and the Gulf (GCC) with Europe and the East Coast of America.

The objective is part of a 10-year plan to concentrate on running medium- and long-haul flights in profitable markets.

The airline will add 5-7 new routes, including Lisbon, Kolkata, Dusseldorf, Copenhagen, Malaga, and Mykonos, bringing the total destinations to 70.

“You have to fly the right aircraft to the right market at the right time and perform the right mission.

India is one of Etihad’s top three priority markets, according to Neves, who did not name the other two in an interview with Reuters on April 27 in Delhi. In India, air travel has returned to pre-COVID-19 levels, and foreign traffic is accelerating as the nation’s economy expands. Etihad, which now operates flights to Mumbai International and Delhi International, will soon begin service to six additional Indian locations.”

Etihad Airways Upgrading Its Fleet

Etihad Airways currently has 70 aircraft comprising a mix of Airbus and Boeing. The airline is planning to add more aircraft from both manufacturers.

The airline plans to acquire 150 aircraft by 2030. We expect brand-new aircraft to fly over Abu Dhabi in the coming years since Etihad has placed orders for 20 Airbus A350s and nearly 70 Boeing B787 variants, including the B787-10 and B787-9 models. They have also placed orders for narrow-body Airbus A321neos aircraft.

Etihad will introduce 15 additional aircraft, mainly aircraft that are parked during the pandemic and few new deliveries. These includes 4 A380s,narrow bodies 6 A320s and A321s, 2 B777s. They will receive brand-new B787 variants. Etihad’s A380 has started services to the London Heathrow route.

Recently, the airline has introduced a new gateway into Japan.

What do you think about their new strategy? Do you think they will be able to accomplish their goal? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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