Cirium Report Reveals The Most Punctual Airlines In August 2023

Lately, Cirium, also known as LNRS Data Services Inc., published a statistical report on airline punctuality for August 2023. This report covers the performance of regional and international airlines based on the percentage of their on-time arrivals. Additionally, the company provided relative performance graphs based on their data.

Most Punctual Airlines In The World

Global Airlines Performance Statistics Ⓒ Cirium
Global Airlines Performance Statistics Ⓒ Cirium

Cirium, in its August on-time monthly report on airlines, has distinguished several airline companies with the highest on-time arrival percentage score. This dataset indicates 10 airlines with an on-time arrival rating of over 80%.

Avianca S.A, an acronym for Airways of the American Continent, emerged as the most punctual airline in the dataset, according to the August statistics. It is the largest airline in Colombia and the second largest in Latin America (Chilean LATAM Airlines holds the top spot in this region). Avianca also boasts the most extensive network of destinations in Latin America.

Qatar Airways Company is ranked as the second most punctual airline in the world according to the Cirium report. As the flag carrier of Qatar, it was established in 1993 and serves over 150 international destinations worldwide, including 13 in India and 11 in the United States. Its home base is Hamad International Airport.

Iberia Airlines, or Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España, holds the third position in this ranking. It serves as the flag carrier of Spain, founded in 1927. The Iberia Group Airlines operate flights to 29 domestic and 64 international destinations. In addition to transportation services, the company is involved in aircraft maintenance, IT systems, and in-flight catering.

Global Airlines Relative performance Statistics Ⓒ Cirium
Global Airlines Relative performance Statistics. Ⓒ Cirium

However, when examining the relative performance of Cirium’s dataset of the top ten international airlines based on on-time arrival, it is challenging to discern a clear correlation between two given variables – total flights and on-time arrival percentage. As illustrated on the graph, airlines’ outliers, determined by their total flights, are situated in the middle of the rating. In contrast, most airlines do not exhibit any discernible pattern in their distribution.

Most Punctual Airlines In Europe

European Airlines Performance Statistics Ⓒ Cirium
European Airlines Performance Statistics Ⓒ Cirium

Compared to international statistics, Cirium’s monthly report on airlines presents slightly different data for the European region. The on-time arrival success statistics of the top 10 airlines range between 75% and 85%, which is 5% lower than the minimum in the international data. Iberia Airlines is credited as the first in this context due to its international statistics. However, there are 5 additional European airlines that achieved an on-time arrival score of more than 80%.

Norwegian Air Shuttle, the second in the European rankings, is Norway’s largest airline. It’s also the fourth-largest low-coster airline in Europe and ninth-largest in European passenger numbers. The airline flies to more than 100 destinations, primarily in Europe.

Austrian Airlines AG, the third in the European rankings, is a flag carrier of Austria. This company is the subsidiary unit of Lufthansa Group. Austrian has a global network of around 130 destinations, with about 40 destinations in central and eastern Europe.

Air Europa Líneas Aéreas, or Air Europa, the third in the European rankings, is the third largest Spanish airline. The company has a network of 130 destinations worldwide.

Finnair, or Air Europa, the fourth in the European rankings, is the largest airline in Finland. The company dominates the domestic and international air travel market in Finland. The government of Finland owns 55.9% of the shares of the Finnair. An airline company flies to 81 destinations worldwide, with an increasing number of international flights to Asia.

Norwegian Air Sweden, the fifth in the European rankings and the last with an on-time arrival score of more than 80% is a Swedish fully integrated subsidiary of Norwegian Air Shuttle. All aircraft of this company is registered in Sweden.

European Airlines Relative performance Statistics Ⓒ Cirium
European Airlines Relative performance Statistics. Ⓒ Cirium

The data on the relative performance of the top 10 most punctual European airlines also does not reveal any hidden trend. Compared to the international chart of relative performance, it is observed that the overall number of total flights is small for all leading airlines in the dataset, ranging from around 5,000 flights to about 20,000 flights. In contrast, the range of the international dataset spans from approximately 15,000 to 136,000 flights. Given that the data sample is relatively small, it is not possible to discern any distinguishable insights from it.

Have you flown with any of these airlines? What was your experience? Let us know in the comments!

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