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Central Communication Port is now one step closer to reality! In August, The President of the Civil Aviation Authority (ULC) granted Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) significant authorization to facilitate the creation of this notable public-use airport. This important approval is the key to start building this innovative aviation hub. In this article, we will explain what this great project consists of.

Central Communication Port, or the Solidarity Transport Hub, is an innovative project of the transport revolution situated at the heart of Poland, 40 km (25 miles) away from Warsaw city centre, and next to a village called Stanisławów, set to be inaugurated in 2028.

This ambitious initiative aims to include an extensive 2000 km (1250 miles) network of cutting-edge railway lines to establish speedy and efficient transportation and the best connection in Central Eastern Europe, redefining Poland’s transportation landscape.

cpk central communication port poland project aviation innovation
© CPK Visual Concept – CPK Official Website

Why Does the Central Communication Port Differ from Conventional Airports?

Central Communication Port (CPK) aims to become the largest airport in Europe. Let’s compare the largest airport in Poland, Chopin Airport in Warsaw, recorded with over 14.4 million passengers per year. According to their expectations, CPK plans to reach 40 million passengers in 2035 and 65 million in 2060.

Foster+Partners, an architectural and design company, designed this visionary project focusing on sustainable design principles. For those curious about similarities found in other creations by Norman Foster, some of the extraordinary projects include iconic buildings like the “The Gherkin” in London or the Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino, California. One of the main goals of CPK is easy accessibility and connectivity.

inside cpk airport centralny port komunikacyjny
Inside CPK Source: CPK Official Website
cpk master plan
Airport Master Plan CPK

 Central Communication Port for Europe Connectivity

This ambitious Central Communication Port project aims to connect 120 cities and 13 million inhabitants, reshaping Poland’s railroad system. According to Marcin Kosicki, associate partner at Foster+Partners, Central Communication Port in Poland will stand as one of the largest infrastructures in Europe, using its extensive infrastructure to connect and integrate air, rail, and road transportation(bus). Another objective of Central Communication Port is to ensure that connectivity from Warsaw(the Capital) to major Polish cities is within a maximum travel time of 2.5 hours.

railway plan cpk
Railway Plan CPK Official Website

The CPK project is massive in scale, with plans to build around 2,000 kilometres of new railway lines. These lines include routes like Warsaw-Łódź, Łódź-Wrocław, Łętownia-Rzeszów, and Sieradz-Poznań. Another additional information is that a South Korean group won the contract to design a high-speed railway between Katowice and the Polish-Czech border, a big deal for Poland’s transportation plans. The importance of Katowice is extreme because the Ostrava railway connects many major Polish cities, like Katowice, Warsaw, Krakow, Brno, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna, and Budapest. This connection is important to Europe’s transportation network, making it easier for people and goods to move around.

European-Transport-Corridors CPK Official Website

What Airlines Will Operate at Central Communication Port?

CPK and IATA worked together to create a group called ACC. They had their first meeting on July 18th in Warsaw. Many important airline representatives, like LOT, Emirates, and British Airways, attended. Even other bigger groups like IAG and Lufthansa were present there. Star Alliance also joined in with major airlines like Air China and United Airlines.

This meeting was really important for the aviation industry to work with Central Communication Port in the future. Polish Airlines will benefit a lot from the new airport’s location. They will have more flight options to attract more passengers and foreign investment. The airport means more travel choices for people in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

On the other hand, the Irish budget airline Ryanair was strongly opposed to the CPK investment plan, citing concerns over the viability of the Central Communication Port. This disagreement shows that airlines have different thoughts and ideas about the CPK initiative.

Carriers from around the world actively engaged in consultation for the CPK
Meeting of the Airport Consultative Committee CPK

Anca Apahidean, Area Manager for Eastern Europe at IATA, said,

“We’re excited about Poland’s CPK project and glad to be part of this important European transportation initiative. As travel demand in Europe is expected to rise by 50% by 2037, it’s crucial to have well-prepared infrastructure. Our recent meeting in Warsaw highlights our awareness of Europe’s capacity challenges, and we’re actively finding solutions to meet passengers’ needs”

It is important to highlight that this investment project generates thousands of jobs during construction and even more once they are up and running. Countries like the United States, China, and the European Commission are making big investment plans to boost their economies. The Central Communication Port is a fantastic chance for Polish aviation, rail, and all citizens. CPK and railway expansions will attract investments from local and foreign sources.

Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasized,

“CPK is a game-changer for us.”

How do you feel about this significant project? Let us know in the comments!

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