Bonza Names Its First Boeing Baby Shazza

The votes are in. Bonza’s baby has a name! And if you’re not careful, you could be in for a good thonging.

For our non-Aussie readers, a thong is not something your missus wears. Rather, it’s what the kiwis call jandals and the brits call flip flops. But in case it wasn’t already obvious, Australia’s soon-to-be favourite low-cost carrier has named the first plane in their fleet Shazza!

The Sunshine Coast-based airline ran a poll where followers could choose the name of its first bird. And in true Aussie style, their first bird has been named after non-other than Aussie’s favourite bogan, Shazza Jones, from the hit show “Housos“. It’s unclear whether this was intentional, but we don’t care and are living for this already iconic airline!

Bonza name their first plane Shazza
Shazza was unveiled to the world on Wednesday evening in an announcement via Bonza’s social media channels. © Bonza/Facebook

Bonza’s “defacto” could take flight as soon as October

Despite criticism shrouding the airline, the runway looks clear for departure in early to mid-October. While no official dates have been released, Bonza has revealed the first destination they plan to fly to. With 27 possible destinations on the cards, the sunny coast airline has opted for the Whitsundays. We can think of worse places to travel to, one being Sunnyvale.

The airline is due to meet with the Whitsunday Regional Council next week to discuss the logistics and sale dates. The flight is expected to leave the airline’s HQ on the Sunshine Coast and fly to the popular Queensland tourist destination. Upon arrival, a welcoming party and event are due to take place.

“Of the 27 routes announced, for Bonza to choose the Whitsundays says to me we have a very strong relationship and beyond that, they recognise the value of our destination,” said Whitsunday Regional Council aviation and tourism CEO Craig Turner.

Along with the promise of cheap fares and unrivalled regional connectivity, the new Queensland-based low-cost carrier will be the first airline to run low-fare options on several routes that are not currently served by any other airline.

Bonza's first flight will be to the Whitsundays
Shazza could be flying to the Whitsundays as early as October! © Bonza

What’s better than low fares? Low-cost baggage! Over to you Ryanair…

Besides cheap fares and branding that any true blue Aussie could get behind, a Bonza airline representative told the Daily Mercury something that’s music to any low-cost frequent flyer’s ears.

Chief commercial officer Carly Povey told the local paper that despite prices remaining up in the “air”, she pledges that baggage would not exceed the cost of a single flight. It’s a sticking point for most low-cost carriers, some of which have made a name for themselves with ridiculous add-ons. European low-cost carriers Ryanair are synonymous with charging more for the privilege of choosing your seat than the overall fare of the flight.

Povey also dropped some insight into the market that the low-cost carrier is targeting. The Bonza vision is to tap into an existing market where no planes exist by converting routes that the typical Aussie would drive into flyable journeys. This genius proposition could cut six to seven-hour dives down to a one-hour flight.

Bonza flying several new destinations
Bonza will take Aussies on new commercial routes, opening the gates to regional Australia like never before, at fees never seen before. © Bonza

Before Shazza can spread her wings, the airline must get regulatory approval. However, the people of Sunnyvale have a way with authority, so expect Bonza to be wheels up in no time! That’s if their wheels haven’t been replaced with bricks, of course.

Bonza and Housos in front of Uluru
Shazza, um… Shazza in front of Uluru! © Housos/SBS/Travel Radar

I would also like to formally apologise to Tim Jordan for some of the references made in this article. We love Bonza and cannot wait to see the purple birds flying high!

Will you be riding Shazza, the Boeing 737, later this year? Let us know in the comments!

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