Big Step: UK Government Targets Affordable, Low-Cost Airline Pricing 2023

The UK government has taken significant action to tackle concerns regarding affordable airline pricing by developing a new plan to enhance transparency for online consumers. This initiative could expose hidden fees imposed by some UK airlines. Researchers estimate that additional charges added at the checkout stage cost consumers over $1 billion each year. This effort aims to promote transparency and fairness in the air travel market for consumers.

Wizz Air plane
Gdansk, Pomeranian / Poland – February, 05, 2020 :. A passenger Wizz Air plane taxiing over the apron. Arrivals and departures in Central Europe. Spring season © Piotrek Wytrazek

The challenge of low-cost Airline Pricing

In recent years, low-cost airlines have gained popularity primarily because of their competitive pricing models. Nonetheless, concerns have arisen regarding hidden expenses, inadequate transparency, and potential misleading practices. In response to these concerns, the UK government has introduced measures to enhance accountability within the industry. The consultation process has commenced, despite Airlines UK’s assertion that consumers already receive excellent value.

The Department for Business and Trade has initiated a consultation, as reported by the BBC on Monday. Numerous low-cost and ultra-low-cost (ULCC) airlines impose extra charges during the booking process, such as advanced boarding and carry-on bag check-in fees. Additionally, airlines may levy unexpected costs at the airport if passengers fail to comply with the flight booking’s terms and conditions. The BBC also shared a story about an elderly couple charged nearly $150 by Irish ULCC Ryanair due to an incorrect itinerary on their tickets.

Including additional but essential fees, commonly called “drip pricing,” often leads to a higher checkout price than the initial advertised cost. As reported by the BBC, nearly three-quarters of transportation companies incorporate hidden fees into their services. This trend is also prevalent in other sectors, including ticket prices and food delivery services. In the entertainment industry, 54% of providers admit to engaging in such practices, while 56% of hospitality companies acknowledge doing the same.

The government is implementing more stringent regulations and enhancing price transparency to safeguard consumers. These new rules will enable passengers to make well-informed decisions about their air travel choices, free from the influence of hidden charges or deceptive advertisements.

Low cost airlines. Ryanair airplane in the parking lot of the airport apron
Wroclaw, Poland – June 17, 2020: Top down view on Ryanair airplane in the parking lot of the airport apron, waiting for services maintenance, refilling fuel after airspace lock down. Low cost airlines © Mitelski

UK Government: Enhancing Consumer Protection

The issue of fake reviews and the presence of confusing or misleading labels is also part of the consultations. The BBC obtained a statement from UK Business Minister Kevin Hollinrake, who emphasized that new regulations protect consumers from confusion without imposing excessive burdens on businesses.

“From the shelves of supermarkets to digital trolleys, modern-day shopping provides a great wealth of choice. But fake reviews and hidden fees can make those choices increasingly confusing and leaves customers unsure about what product is right for them. We’ll be listening to industry to ensure these new regulations work for businesses too and don’t generate unnecessary burdens, while at the same time providing a crucial safety net for consumers and their cash.”

The consultation will conclude within six weeks, emphasising balancing affordability and quality. The objective is to ensure fair, transparent, and efficient operations within the low-cost airline sector. The UK government remains dedicated to addressing concerns regarding affordable airline pricing, seeking to safeguard consumer rights and nurture a competitive marketplace. Both travelers and airlines will reap the benefits of these measures.



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