Namibia 2024 Will See Their Airport Company Host The Innovative Aviadev Africa

Namibia 2024 will see its Airport Company hosting the AviaDev Africa event in the stunning city of Windhoek in June 2024. AviaDev Africa is the foremost platform devoted to improving connectivity to, from, and within the African continent.

This yearly meeting aims to create strategic alliances, promote cooperation, and investigate prospects for establishing new air routes throughout Africa by bringing together key players in the sector, such as airlines, airports, tourism boards, government representatives, and industry experts.

AviaDev Africa
Aviadev aims to create strategic alliances, promote cooperation, and investigate prospects for establishing new air routes throughout Africa. © Namibia Airports Company

Bisey /Uirab, CEO of the Namibia Airports Company, said :

“We are thrilled to host AviaDev Africa in 2024 and welcome industry leaders to experience the wonders of our country for both business and tourism.”

Jon Howell, CEO of AviaDev, mentions that:

“We are impressed by the drive of the Namibia Airports Company and the unified approach of all stakeholders to support air connectivity to, from and within the country.

By convening aviation professionals, policymakers, and industry leaders in Windhoek, we will deliver a memorable event experience and explore untapped opportunities that will drive the growth of air connectivity across the continent.”

AviaDev Africa

AviaDev Africa serves as a forum for leaders in the aviation industry, legislators, and professionals in the field to collaborate on finding answers to the problems that the African aviation sector faces. A variety of speakers, panel discussions, seminars, and an exhibit of aviation-related goods and services will all be included in the conference.

AviaDev Africa is well known for its exceptional capacity to establish a setting favourable for networking, idea sharing, and teamwork on creative approaches that promote long-term air connection amongst aviation experts.

AviaDev Africa
© AviaDev |

Jon Howell added:

“AviaDev Africa not only aims to foster aviation growth but also serves as a platform to highlight the immense potential of the host country.”

AviaDev has been running for many years, with @aviadev">highlights of previous years on their YouTube channel. The company will persist in cultivating cooperation, stimulating creativity, and propelling financial expansion in the aviation sector.

Namibia 2024

Namibia is a fast-rising tourism destination with a varied selection of things to offer visitors. The Namib Desert, the Skeleton Coast, and the Etosha National Park are just a few of the breathtaking landscapes in the nation. Namibia also boasts a diverse cultural legacy, with ethnic groups and languages from all over the world.

By selecting Windhoek as the host city for the event in 2024, AviaDev hopes to showcase Namibia’s rising importance as a destination for the aviation sector, as well as its commitment to improving regional connectivity.

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© Allexxandar on Freepik

For more information on upcoming events in Namibia:  Click here

Bisey /Uirab, CEO of the Namibia Airports Company, also mentions that :

“From the enchanting coastal city of Swakopmund to the ethereal Namib Desert and the BREATHTAKING wildlife encounters in Etosha National Park, Namibia offers an unparalleled tourism experience.

We are eager to share the magic of our destinations and forge partnerships that will further enhance connectivity and drive sustainable tourism growth and new business opportunities.”

Will you be attending the AviaDev Africa in Namibia? Let us know your experience in the comment below! 

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