American Airlines aircraft airborne

A male white supremacist has been arrested after displaying verbally racist behaviour whilst passengers boarded an American Airlines flight to Dallas from Seattle Airport.

White Supremacist Arrested Before Boarding American Airlines Flight Arrested
Seattle Police immediately rushed to the scene © Wikimedia Commons

Further Details

The male, who has been identified as Nicholas Letney, yelled racist remarks that were linked to Nazi supremacy. In an extreme rant, Mr Letney admitted that he agreed with the behaviour of Adolf Hilter and the extreme mistreatment of the Jews.

In a video captured by one of many passengers that were about to board an American Airlines flight, Nicolas Letney can be heard shouting,

“You go to the gas chamber. The Jews got what they deserved,”

Furthermore, Nicholas Letney verbally attacked a passenger based on their appearance as he was heard screaming,

‘The Jews got what they deserved. You’re a f***ing alien. An alien and a reptilian.”

The distressed male was immediately pinned down on the floor and arrested by the Seattle Police. It is not entirely clear what the direct cause of Nicholas Letney’s behaviour was.

However, it has been confirmed that Nicholas Letney has a heavy history of abusing individuals racially, as old tweets of him expressing his hatred for Jews have surfaced.

One of many

This is not the first racial incident to take place surrounding American Airlines. Two months ago, a male passenger who was on board an American Airlines flight that had travelled from Philadelphia to Dallas was caught shouting both homophobic and racial slurs. Witnesses at the time claimed that the male began swearing at passengers and hurling abuse at staff until he was eventually removed from the aircraft. Similarly to Nicholas Letney’s case, passengers caught the incident on video.

Is it possible for airlines to control racial incidents such as these in the future? Let us know your thoughts below.



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