What are the world’s most on-time airlines?

The most reliable on-time airlines in 2022 have been revealed. According to a report published by Cirium, all global airlines have been ranked on what percentage of their flights reach their destination on time.

The Cirium on-time performance report is published monthly with a report done yearly to see the most on-time airlines.

On-time arrivals are when a flight arrives at the gate within 15 minutes of the scheduled departure time. Let’s take a look at the top 10 on-time airlines.

10. American Airlines

On-time airlines American Airlines
American Airlines is 10th on the list. © Colin Cooke Photo

At number 10 we have American Airlines which is one of the oldest and largest airlines in the world.

The airline operated over a million flights in 2022 and 78% of their flights arrived on time.

9. Qatar Airways

On-time arrivals
Qatar hosted the World Cup last year © Wikimedia Commons

2022 was a big year for Qatar after they hosted the World Cup with millions of football fans travelling to Qatar via Qatar Airways.

The airline is one of the most popular in the Middle East and is the winner of the world’s best airline at the Airline Ratings awards.

The airline had 78.32% of their flights arriving on time.

8. United Airlines

On-time arrivals
United Airlines is the 8th on the list. | © United Airlines

Another American Airline makes the list, this time with United Airlines. The Chicago-based carrier operates an extensive domestic and international network.

In 2022, United operated over 789,00, flights and 80% of its flights arrived on time.

7. Emirates

On-time arrivals, Emirates
An Emirates Boeing 777 “Game Changer” aircraft. © Emirates

Emirates is the national airline of the United Arab Emirates.

The Dubai-based carrier is widely known for its outstanding first-class experience. Emirates had 81% of their flights arriving on time in 2022.

6. Avianca

On-time arrivals
Avianca is Colombia’s national flag carrier. © Avianca

Avianca has been Colombia’s national flag carrier since 1919 and operates exclusively across South America.

Whilst the airline only operated 144,000 flights 83% of these arrived on time.

5. Delta Airlines

On-time arrivals Delta plane
Delta was ranked the best airline in North America in 2021.|© Trac Vu on Unsplash

Delta Airlines is a leader in domestic and international travel and was ranked the best airline in North America in 2021.

With over one million flights operated last year, 83.63% of their flights operated on time.

4. LATAM Airlines

on-time arrivals
LATAM Airlines Boeing 787 ©Flickr

LATAM is the largest airline in South America, based in Santiago, Chile.

The airline operated over 451,000 flights, with 86.31% of flights arriving on time.

3. Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines aircraft flies through mostly clear skies.
© Aeroprints

Japan Airlines, also known as JAL, is Japan’s flag carrier and is the largest airline to operate in Japan.

88% of its flights touched down within 15 minutes of their scheduled time.

2. All Nippon Airways (ANA)

On-time airlines
ANA Airbus A321 ©AirlinesFleet.com

Just missing out on the top spot is All Nippon Airways, better known as ANA. It is located in the Shiodome City Center in the Shiodome area of the Minato ward of Tokyo.

The airline had 88.61% of flights arriving on time.

1. Azul Airlines

On-time arrivals
Azul airlines is a Brazilian carrier based in Sao Paulo.© Brazilian Airlines

At number one on our list we have Azul Airlines. The Brazilian carrier based in Sao Paulo serves domestic flights around Brazil and international flights across South America.

It connected its passengers on-time 88.93% of the time.

What do you think of this list? Have you flown with any of these airlines? Let us know in the comments below. 

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