Victory for PETA: Egypt Air to Cease the Transport of Research Animals

In an email to PETA U.S, Egypt Air announced that it will discontinue the carriage of monkeys to American laboratories, after considering the airline’s commitment to supporting animal protection organizations. The development additionally comes after months of international protests and thousands of email, telephone, and advertisement campaigns against Egypt Air.

A win for animal rights

PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is the largest global organization for the safety and protection of animal life. They have campaigned consistently against the mistreatment and captivation of animals, and have held airlines accountable for their role as carriers for this abuse.

According to PETA, tens of thousands of monkeys are brought to the United States for highly dangerous and unethical experiments that ‘consistently fail to lead to meaningful scientific advances.’ The animals are said to have been either hunted in the wild or bred in factory farms until ready for shipment overseas.

Caged monkey
Caged monkey © Creative Commons Attribution-ShareShan7585

Reports suggest that Egypt Air had transported over 5,000 monkeys into the US this year alone, many of which were a part of the now endangered macaque species. PETA’s campaign included a whopping 100,000 participants, countless email, online advertisements and calls, and even direct contact with pilots and flight attendants.

A never ending fight

Several more airlines around the world encourage the mistreatment of animals by transporting them and sustaining the industry. After a disastrous accident involving monkeys flown in by Kenyan Airways, the East-African carrier stopped all animal-related shipments in early 2022. France too banned the practice this year, after countless PETA campaigns.

PETA Vice President Dr. Alka Chandna stated,

‘Egypt Air’s decision will prevent thousands of monkeys from being ripped from their families, shoved into tiny boxes and shipped around the globe to endure misery and death in laboratories… Any other airline considering getting into this trade should think again- PETA is watching.’

PETA logo

PETA logo ©

Food for thought

Although many welcome this as a victory against animal cruelty, one can’t help but ask why it takes such extensive campaigns to achieve these wins, with airlines that persistently present themselves as ethical, well-meaning, and client-focused.

The latter can come to mean several things, including pleasing and flying for less than formidable customers. And there are no real justifications for this, as it is public knowledge that 95% of tests performed and deemed safe for animals are ineffective and unsafe for humans.

What do you make of this new development and the case against flying ‘research animals’ across the globe for consumer benefits?

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