UAE Airlines are globally hiring the most talented to join their companies due to increasing travel demand

UAE airlines are currently on a mission to source the most accomplished individuals who aim to build a career in the aviation industry from India, the wider South Asia region, and also the UK to join their teams as a result of rising travel demand.

As a result of the Covid – 19 pandemic, the travel industry suffered majorly as travel companies had to place recruitment plans on hold, despite the industry already struggling employment-wise. However, as the world slowly begins to adjust to the new normal, travel demand has rapidly increased and airlines are in urgent need of new employees.

Covid – 19’s impact on the Aviation industry

The aviation industry has faced possibly one of the hardest hits from the pandemic, specifically the global lockdown, which resulted in huge employment cuts. Airlines were already suffering from a ‘pilot shortage’ so the emergence of Covid – 19 only made matters worse. Employees such as pilots faced no choice other than to choose other career choices as a result of being left completely unemployed and those who have remained in the industry were faced with huge salary cuts. In countries such as India, this has become a huge issue, as aviation workers are still facing salary cuts in 2022 and are not being compensated for it.

New Beginnings

UAE-based airline Emirates has offered employees incentives as well as ensured that their salaries have been restored, which has not gone unnoticed by pilots and other aviation workers in countries like India, luring them to leave their home countries and apply for these jobs. CEO of Martin Consulting, Mark Martin has shared his thoughts on this.

“It’s as simple as this – if you don’t treat your people well, they will find a job and move on. There’s no doubt that the Gulf as a market is very lucrative and viable for freshers as well as experienced employees.” – CEO of Martin Consulting, Mark Martin

On the hunt

Emirates plan flying in sky
Emirates is offering potential employees major incentives | © Forbes

Dubai airlines have been on the search for potential first officers to join their team since 2021. The airline has promised those who are successful that they will be able to build their careers immensely whilst enjoying the incentives that they offer like ‘Emirates’ all-wide-body fleet and ever-expanding global route network’. From next week, Emirates Airlines, one of the United Arab Emirates flag carriers, will be hosting several recruitment road shows in the UK in the search for pilots. These shows will take place in Double Tree by Hilton, Manchester Airport, Hilton Garden Inn, Luton North Airport, and Crowne Plaza, Gatwick Airport, Crawley.

Additionally, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi is aiming to grow its company with the hopes of building a team of up to 400 employees. The company’s Development Officer Owain Jones has stated that Wizz Air is planning to build four new aircrafts with the hopes of offering employees the  “opportunities to advance” within their careers.

Despite the aviation industry being heavily affected over the past two years, it is evident that Emirates-based airlines are slowly trying to rebuild their companies and resolve employment issues that this has caused.

Would you be interested in applying for a role for an Emirates airline? Comment below your thoughts on this.

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