Turkey’s Travel Minister Proposes New National Airline ‘Blue Kyrenia Airlines’

Turkish news and Cypriot media outlets have report that Turkey’s travel minister proposes a new possible national airline. The ‘cabinet’ on the north side of Turkey is keen to authorise that this action goes ahead smoothly.

Further Details

The new national airline will most likely be named ‘Mavi Girne Havayolları’, which translates to Blue Kyrenia Airlines in the English language. It will be introduced and built on the north side of the country, with the hope that it will “contribute greatly to the economy in the north, particularly in tourism and education.”

Turkey's Travel Minister Proposes New National Airline
The national airline will be placed in Tymbou  © Cyprus Mail

According to travel minister Erhan Arkil, growing plans are being made to ensure that Blue Kyrenia Airlines will start running properly by November. Before this, test flights are being planned to begin on October 29th at a new airport, which is currently viewed as illegal, located in a Turkish village named Tymbou. This will be before the launch of ‘three important flights’ that are deemed to take place on November 15th. Cyprus Mail has claimed that the flights will hopefully travel from Turkey to Russia, building a root between the two countries and vastly improving tourism. Despite this, Russia has so far denied that there will be access to direct flights from Moscow to the north of Turkey.

Erhan Arkil has stated that,

“We have reached the final preparations to establish our own national airline and are waiting for our company’s aircraft to land on the runway. I hope all three will happen.”

Erhan Arkili talks benefits that Blue Kyrenia Airline's will bring
Erhan Arkili states the endless benefits that Blue Kyrenia Airline’s will bring Tymbou, Turkey © brtk

In terms of the status of the airport located in Tymbou, Turkey, travel minister Erhan Arkil has made it clear that with political will, it can ‘be included in the status of Turkey’s domestic airlines.’ It will be interesting to see what will happen and whether Blue Kyrenia Airlines will be established.

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  1. It’s all irrelevant because Turkey has no authority to build airports in the Republic of Cyprus. There will be no “national” carrier but rather a Turkish carrier headquartered illegally in the occupied territory of the Republic of Cyprus. The best solution would be for the Turks to leave Cyprus immediately and let the Cypriot authorities decide what to do with the airport at Ercan and reallocate the land and properties in Timvou back to the Greek Cypriot families that were robbed of it. Any article about this so-called “Mavi Kyrenia Airlines” should emphasize that it will be occupying land that was stolen from Greek Cypriots held at gunpoint.


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