TUI Faces Financial Losses

TUI in its latest financial statements has reported a loss in the third quarter of its financial year. The German company is a holiday company which operates over a number of sectors including aviation, cruises and hotels and resources. As we know TUI like other companies operating flights such as British Airways and easyJet have had to cut down on passenger numbers in order to reduce disruption. This has possibly meant that the has been unable to boast a better result.

TUI has had to cut down on Passenger Numbers © TUI (2018)

Still Better Than Last Year

According to the quarterly financial statements released more recently at the end of June the company has faced a group loss of 331.2 million Euros. However, this still compares better than the previous year at the same time to the 938.9 million Euro loss. This means that the company is still doing better than when compared to the previous year. In addition, it does appear that the Revenue (the total money coming into the company) is 4433.2 million Euros when compared to 649.7 million Euros for the same time period last year. This shows that Revenue has increased by over six times the 2021 figure. This means that the company has improved in terms of customers.

In addition, it appears from the segmental analysis that in terms of revenue 3895.1 million Euros came from the aviation and markets sector. This indicates that a significant amount of the money received by the company came from this sector, over 80%. However, a closer look at the figures for sector underlying earnings using its key performance indicator EBIT (earnings before income taxes, interest and result of measurement of the groups hedges) indicates that the underlying profitability is coming from other areas such as Hotels and Resorts with a EBIT of 104.9 million Euros with markets and airlines having a negative EBIT of 139.4 million Euros. This suggests that higher expenses in the airlines and markets sector is resulting in losses for the company. For the airlines component of this, the explanation given by the company is that operational challenges caused by flight disruption led to the reduced EBIT for this segment.

TUI has still performed better than last year © Valery Collins

Improving Passenger Numbers

The passenger numbers departing in the third quarter of this year on flights, according to the statements released was 5,061,000. This was an increase of 4,185,000 when compared to the third quarter in 2021 where the number of passengers departing was 876,000. This indicates that passenger numbers have improved significantly, by almost 6 times. There is also more potential for growth as the number of seats offered is still below pre pandemic levels. Currently the number of seats offered was 82% of the total number of seats offered in the third quarter of pre pandemic 2019. The percentage of seats occupied by passengers is currently 92% according to the figures released. This indicates that a significant proportion of the seats offered are being taken up. This is a slight improvement on pre pandemic 2019 when the percentage of sets taken up was 90%.

As one can see TUI is still making losses. However, since the pandemic the demand for its flights and other services have increased. It appears that the bulk of receipts is coming from its aviation and markets sector. However, the underlying performance of this sector has translated into a loss making EBIT. From an aviation perspective this has been attributed to operational difficulties indicating heightened expenses. It does appear though that this sector has a lot of potential and has an over 80% share of the revenue. This means that once expenses are controlled better, there will be more potential for this sector. We have to wait to see how this progresses.

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