Travelport Becomes Newest Member of Travalyst Coalition

The 2019 global initiative Travalyst has recently welcomed one of the top three global distribution systems (GDS) into its midst. Travelport will now be part of Travalyst’s mission to push for sustainability in travel retailing.

An effective union

The non-profit organisation founded by Prince Harry has once again expanded its collaboration with major companies, recently adding Travelport alongside TripAdvisor,, Skyscanner, and Visa. The coalition hopes to reduce carbon emissions as a result of air travel through its “Travel Impact Model”. The Travel Impact Model focuses on exposing emission estimates of flights departing all over the world in the next 11 months. This excludes non-commercial flights such as private and cargo flights.

By implementing Travalyst’s data and framework into the company’s approaches, Travelport plans to provide its travel management company and agency customers with the expertise needed to promote more eco-friendly offers and report on sustainability.

Calls to moderate business flights

As the first GDS to join GBTA’s sustainability programme, which aims to concentrate on the corporate travel industry, Travelport will be expected to adopt the Travalyst methodology for emissions highlighted in travel retailing. With business travel massively contributing to flight-related carbon emissions, the initiative has never been more essential. On Saturday 5th November, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport faced protests consisting of more than 100 environmental activists. In a defiant act against air pollution generated by the aviation industry and business travel, all wore suits as they bombarded the area in which private jets are kept. The demonstration had been organised by environmental activism groups Extinction Rebellion and Greenpeace, highlighting the significance of a collaboration between Travelport and Travalyst.

Dewi Zloch, Greenpeace Netherlands campaign leader said, “We want fewer flights, more trains and a ban on unnecessary short-haul flights and private jets.”

Travellers outside Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Outside Amsterdam Schiphol Airport | © Wikimedia Commons/Creative Commons Attribution

Plans for the future

Now striving for sustainability within its product strategies, Travelport has already developed a new sustainability office. Simultaneously, the product and technology team prepare to improve search and shopping facilities in the Travelport+ platform for 2023. Passengers will then have the chance to find the most eco-friendly travel options.

On collaboration within the aviation industry, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Travelport Tom Kershaw said, “It is incredibly important for us to take action and collaborate as an industry on unifying and scaling the way we report on sustainability standards, so everyone can become informed and make sustainable travel more feasible for corporates, agents and travellers.”

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