Top 3 Reasons to Fly Saudia Airlines

Saudia Airlines was established in 1945 under the name Saudi Arabian Airlines. It is Saudi Arabia’s official airline and has kept the flag of one of the wealthiest oil-producing nations high in terms of airline services and products.
Saudia’s motto, “The wings of Kingdom’s Vision 2030,” is a strong indication of the airline’s principles, which transcend every aspect of its operations. The airline upholds this motto as it flies to over 90 cities across five continents.
This article will take you on a tour of what Saudia does to differentiate itself from the competition.

Unique flight classes

Saudia Airlines has three unique classes with features distinct from regular airline classes. They are:

  • Guest class: this is the lowest class to travel on Saudia Airlines. It is the equivalent of an economy class, but this class is distinct from a regular economy class in the following ways:
    • Comfortable seats with padded headrests and adjustable footrests.
    • A dynamic entertainment system with access to stunning sky views through the aircraft’s forward and downward-facing cameras.
    • Excellent meal choices, with complimentary Arabian coffee and Saudi dates upon boarding.
    • Passengers get complimentary overnight kits and goody bags for kids under 12 years old to occupy them through the flight.
Saudia guest class
Saudia Airlines Guest Class |© Saudia Airlines

Business class: This middle class is ideal for business travellers and passengers seeking privacy. This class offers the following benefits:

    • First-class standard seats in business class are electrically adjustable and turn into wide and long seats.
    • This class gets intercontinental meal choices from various countries, and passengers are welcomed with cardamom-flavoured Arabic coffee, dates, and a careful selection of different fruit juices.
    • Privacy and comfort.
    • Goody bags for kids under 12 years and overnight kits for all passengers.

      Saudia Airlines Business class
      Saudia Airlines Business class| ©Saudia Airlines
  • Saudia First Suite: The name of the class itself exudes luxury. Regarding a luxurious lifestyle, Saudi Arabia is one of the leading nations, and Saudia, being a representative of Saudi Arabia, displayed top-tier class and luxury in its first suite class. Here are the unique perks of this class:
    • Passengers flying in this class get cabin service by pressing a button. This cabin service prepares passengers’ sleeping spaces while they change into designer pyjamas by Porsche Design, all within a private suite.
    • Enjoy world-class culinary masterpieces prepared by a chef onboard, and your private suite becomes a world-class restaurant in the sky.
    • Extra space to work with a free WiFi connection.
    • Enjoy HD entertainment on a 23-inch screen for up to 1500 hours.
    • You get a designer amenities bag instead of a goody bag. The ladies’ amenities bag is designed by Furla, while the gents’ amenities bag is designed by Porsche Design.

      saudia first class suite
      Saudia first suite| © Saudia Airlines

A reliable fleet

Saudia Airlines boasts a total of 144 aircraft in its fleet. The airline services over 90 cities with this fleet of aircraft, with the plan to acquire more modern aircraft models that will reflect the class and luxury the airline stands for. Saudia Airlines’ fleet comprises two types of aircraft:

  • 93 Airbus aircraft of varying models
  • 51 Boeing aircraft of variable models
Saudia Airline fleet
Saudia Airline fleet| © Saudia Airlines

Convenient upgrading services

Saudia Airlines’ flight upgrading service is so convenient that travellers can upgrade from the guest class to a higher class in five simple steps, as shown below:

  1. Go to Saudia Airlines’ My Upgrade Page.
  2. Search for available reservations using your previous booking reference number and last name.
  3. Make a price offer for the class you want to upgrade to. There is the possibility that more than one person wants a reservation, so a bid system is used to award the reservation to a traveller.
  4. Enter your card details to pay for the upgrade.
  5. Confirm the details you submitted for the upgrade and wait for a confirmation email that shows your offer has been accepted.

Saudi Arabia’s official airline, Saudia, is renowned for its services from the Middle East to Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. If you are looking for a luxurious air travel experience with a mix of Arabian culture, you can fly Saudia Airlines.

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