Top 3 Longest Nonstop Flights In The World

For many people, long-distance travel is usually a tug of war that they seek to escape whenever possible. As the aviation industry continues to emerge from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, the resumption of long-distance, nonstop flights doesn’t surprise those of us who have followed the trends in the aviation industry.

Travelling for 17 hours on a plane isn’t the same as travelling for 2-5 hours or beyond on a train. To many people, it sounds awful and spurs irritants that many travellers seek to avoid. However, travelling by air makes it easier, and many people will readily admit this.

The story isn’t the same for air miles geeks, who usually look forward to long-distance trips. Hence, they should be excited about the increasing number of 17+ hour trips. Interestingly, it is not unusual for long-trip nerds to hop on any of the longest commercial flights in the world.

For non-nerds, the question is, why would anyone subject themselves to a trip that could be tortuous to the body?

The answer remains personal. People have different reasons why they embark on such long-haul trips. For some, it could be business related, while for others, it is just about bragging rights, making records, and much more.

Dive in with us as we look at the top 3 longest nonstop flights in the world.

  1. Singapore to New York (John F. Kennedy International Airport JFK): Singapore Airlines

Travel time: 18 hours, 50 minutes

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900ULR

Flight distance: 9,527 miles.

The flight from Singapore to New York by Singapore airlines is currently the longest nonstop flight in the world. The flight takes you straight from the Asian country to JFK airport in New York City.

Video of Singapore Airlines in the air| © Singapore Airlines

The estimated travel time by air is 18 hours and 50 minutes. It beats Singapore to Newark to first place on the list by five minutes. The journey, which covers a vast distance of over 15,000 kilometres, utilizes premium economy with 94 seats and business class with 67 seats.

Singapore to New York is your best bet if you are a distance geek seeking the longest flight to hop on.

Singapore Airlines Academy
Singapore to New York JFK is the world’s longest nonstop flight. | © Troy Mortier
  1. Singapore to New Jersey (Newark Liberty International Airport): Singapore Airlines

Travel time: 18 hours, 45 minutes

Aircraft: Airbus A350-900ULR

Flight distance: 9,525 miles.

Closely following Singapore to New York is another flight operated by Singapore Airlines to another US city, this time, New Jersey. This flight is the second longest nonstop flight in the world and takes the second position on the list.  However, it used to be the longest nonstop flight in the world.

Singapore to Newark takes the crown for the second-longest nonstop flight| © Singapore Airlines/DHL Express (modified)
  1. Perth, Australia to London (Heathrow Airport): Qantas Airlines

Travel time: 17 hours, 15 minutes

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9

Flight distance: 9,010 miles.

Qantas flight from Perth to London comes third on the list. The flight, which covers a vast distance of more than 14,000 kilometres, is the only nonstop flight from Australia to London. However, several non-direct flights connect the two cities.

Heathrow Airport - busy
Heathrow Airport| © Getty Images


The list is expected to change, given that the aviation industry is still recovering from the effect of COVID-19. Hence, there is a propensity to see many nonstop flights with time. Qantas Airlines, in the meantime, has proposed what will be the longest nonstop flight in the world when launched. The flight, proposed to operate between Sydney and London, will be launched by 2025. Qantas will ferry passengers between the two cities with Airbus A350s. The travel time is estimated to be over 19 hours.

What do you think of the top 3 longest nonstop flights in the world? Have you taken any of these trips before? Drop us a comment!

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