The New MAAS Aviation Sustainability Policies

Aircraft exterior design fans and sustainability enthusiasts alike are in for some good news – the new MAAS Aviation sustainability policies have just been announced. Yesterday, the service provider released a statement detailing the operations instated to stay true to their commitment to combat climate change and perform jobs in the most sustainable way they can.

Wide view of 'Nice Air' aircraft, painted and coated by MAAS Aviation, resting on a runway.
MAAS Aviation specialise in aircraft painting and coating | © MAAS Aviation

What is MAAS Aviation?

MAAS Aviation works in partnership with airlines, leasing companies and MRO operators to provide customers with their aircraft’s painting and exterior coating needs. Working exclusively on narrow-body and regional aircraft, MAAS perform jobs across eleven highly-equipped paint shops (with their most recent one being opened in January 2021) in the Netherlands, Lithuania, USA and Germany. Overall, their facilities can paint up to 490 aircraft a year.

Their facilities are more than capable of housing aircraft during the process of painting, with their largest paint shop being Maastricht Bay 1 which has an internal floor size of 2,145m².  MAAS customers include Wizz Air, airBaltic and British Airways.

Low View of large warehouse containing infrastructure, 'Adas Vasiliauskas'.
MAAS Aviation currently have three facilities in Hamburg, two in Kaunas, two in Maastricht, three in Alabama and one in Fokker | © MAAS Aviation

The New MAAS Aviation Sustainability Policies

Considering the environmental impact of one’s output is a factor that doesn’t only concern aircraft fliers, but also the teams of people who work on the aircraft. In a recent statement, Richard Marston, CCO of MAAS Aviation, expressed the importance of implementing sustainability policies within their operations:

“Across our global sites, we have implemented a number of  processes and technologies designed to reduce waste and protect our local surroundings, whilst maximising the quality and longevity of the work we deliver.”

Initiatives established by the company include, but are not limited to:

A New Water Treatment Plant

A dedicated Environmental manager for the team is given the role of overseeing their sustainability programmes, such as recycling initiatives. A new water treatment plan is currently being installed in their Kaunas facility that will process the waste made by every job and separate the water. The waste extracted will then be dried and easier to be disposed of.

Underground Sump Systems

As a company that is ISO 14001 Environmental Management certified, MAAS Aviation can build structures and systems underground to help aid them in their goal of operating sustainably. They have created a recycling system that allows them to recover a significant 80% of the liquids they use daily. The fluids are then reused to act as cleaning solvents for equipment including paint guns and pipes.

Offsetting Programmes

According to MAAS’ Chief Operating Officer for the USA, Geoffrey Myrick:

“Earlier this year we set out to quantify our emissions from electricity, water, and natural gas. Then in September, we offset these emissions year-to-date by investing in a Climate+ Portfolio through Gold Standard. This is a meaningful first step and a programme we look forward to continuing.”

High-Performance Aerospace Coatings

The coating of an aircraft can have a significant effect on the aircraft’s weight. By using the latest high-performance aerospace coatings, MAAS can reduce the aircraft’s weight to improve fuel efficiency – thus lowering CO2 emissions.

In a concluding statement, Marston sounded optimistic about the company’s future and reiterated the importance of sustainable practices within their field:

“We are constantly seeking new ways to be sustainable and minimise our impact on the world around us, and believe that every step forward is a move in the right direction. All areas of the business are being examined to see where improvements can be made, an example is a recent change in company policy so all new company cars must now be 100% electric. Whilst there is of course still plenty more work to be done, our eyes are always looking to the future.”

What are your thoughts on the new MAAS Aviation sustainability policies? Let us know in the comments below!

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