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There have been multiple reports of strange noises coming from American Airlines in recent weeks that neither the passengers nor crew members could explain. Some passengers have been airing their confusion across social media.

A Haunted Airline?

Seemingly in the unintentional spirit of Halloween, strange and unnerving sounds have been heard across several American Airlines flights, with reports dating back as early as July. Consisting of moaning, groaning, and supposed vomiting sounds, the randomness of these occurrences has proved to be a mystery for many American Airlines fliers as well a source of entertainment. Some travellers have theorised that the noises were caused by somebody hacking into the intercom system.

Flight Entertainment 

The noises can be heard clearly in a video posted by 37-year-old actor Emerson Collins who recorded the incident during his flight with American Airlines at the beginning of September. His facial expressions in the video mirror the feelings of confusion and hilarity as he appears amused by this accidental in-flight entertainment. In the video, a flight attendant makes a public announcement in which she apologises for “an extremely irritating sound” before describing it as a “very odd anomaly”. Ironically, her words are followed by more sudden noises. Twitter user and journalist Doug Boehner also experienced something similar on his flight, writing, “This happened to me last week. It wasn’t the whole flight but periodically weird phrases and sounds. Then a huge “oh yeah” when we landed.”

An explanation?

Despite many different rumours circling about the course of this mystery, many believe it to be a prank or some kind of compromised system. Sarah Jantz, a spokesperson for the flight company, stated that after “the initial report,” the maintenance team had concluded the cause to be a “mechanical issue with the PA amplifier, which raises the volume of the PA system when the engines are running”. However, Collins has since responded, “The comedic timing of the sounds seemed entirely too planned to be able to just be some technical glitch.” Whether this is the case or not remains a mystery, although it will be interesting to see whether similar stories continue to unfold.

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