TAAG Airlines Strike to Begin This Week

TAAG Angola Airlines has announced a three-day strike that will take place at the end of this week. After multiple attempts to have their requests met and a three-day negotiation period ending with little success, pilots flying for the airline declared a strike that will happen from October 7th-9th.

TAAG aircraft sits, or gently proceeds, on runway.
Negotiations between the airline and the pilots haven’t been resolved in a way that either party is happy about | © Rafael Luiz Canossa

Summer of Strikes: TAAG Airlines Strike to Happen This Week

This is by no means the first instance where pilots flying with an airline have taken action due to insufficient payment, as this summer has seen multiple pilot unions faced with a post-pandemic era of travel and a salary that doesn’t support them.

According to O Jornal Económico, the Cindicato de Pilotos de Linha Area (SPLA) pilots union delivered their requests to the airline back in July. Since then, the union has been going back and forth with the airline in an attempt to reach an agreement suitable for both parties.

A three-day negotiation period was then immediately set by TAAG on October 2nd after being issued with the union’s plan to strike the following week. However, with the strike still set to go ahead, it is safe to assume that an agreement couldn’t be settled this time around.

A post on the airline’s page issues a short statement and reassurance towards their customers traveling during the strikes:

“Apologies, we have announced a strike on 7, 8 and 9 October. Please be patient with us, we are doing everything we can to help you. Check the list of affected flights and call center numbers on our website.”

What’s the Plan now?

The airlines have reportedly formed a contingency plan in response to the lack of pilots. Flights that are meant to operate on the 7th of October have been updated to accommodate the smaller flight crew, but it is uncertain what will be scheduled for the remaining two days of the strike and if there will be more in the future.

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